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Love Loofah

When you buy this I swear you'll never have to buy shredded loofah again. I used it in my first cp soap as a tester and only put a spoonful in a 5lb batch of soap. I also put some as a topper on the soap. I'm in love. It's awesome. It's the perfect exfoliate. Not harsh like poppyseed and colliadal oats. It's my new fave and I want to put it in everything! Thanks BB!!

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Awesome in M&P

This loofah is awesome in the bulk m&p. I used a lot to make a super-scrubby bar for my legs, and I love It! The shredded loofah gives the perfect amount of scrubbiness without irritating my skin. I wish I could give this 10 stars!

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Sad and disappointed

I read the reviews and took note prior to using this in CP soap. I only used a small amount in batter left over from a bath of CP soap. It cut easily which gave me hope. I have always loved using a loofa but don't feel like it should be used more than a few times for sanitary reason. The CP soap with the shredded loofa is now hard as a rock and hurts. I tried it on my feet in hopes of getting some use out of it but I couldn't any lather. I gave a small bar to my husband to use as a mechanics soap and he soaked it in the water to try and soften it. The bar was quickly dissolving leaving the shredded loofa that even my husband dislike. He put what little bit of it was left into the trash and kindly said that was a fail :( The CP soap batter that I used to make this with made a lovely soap that lathered easily. I bought the full piece of loofa when I order the shredded. I'm hoping if I use it in melt and pour that it will be successful. Any suggestion of what I can do with this bag of shredded loofa? I don't like to waste products. I literally only used about 1tsp. in approx. 16oz of CP soap. I hope I can find something to make with this shredded loofa.

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How much to use??

Can anyone reccomend to me how much shredded loffah you would add to a pound of goat milk soap base? I want it to be able to exfoliate but I dont want anyone in pain while scrubbing either, kind of that nice happy medium. Thank you!

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Like calendula, a little goes a long way! I made this is CP soap with Winter Gardenia FO. Such a nice exfoliant!