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How much to use??

Can anyone reccomend to me how much shredded loffah you would add to a pound of goat milk soap base? I want it to be able to exfoliate but I dont want anyone in pain while scrubbing either, kind of that nice happy medium. Thank you!

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Like calendula, a little goes a long way! I made this is CP soap with Winter Gardenia FO. Such a nice exfoliant!

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A little bit goes a long way

I used to love a loofah, but finally gave them up due to mold and mildew issues . So when I successfully suspended this in a honey M&P, it was heaven. The glycerin based soap was condition while the scrubby feel throughout the soap is a divine whole body exfoliant . It has become a favorite of my customers and my family. Note: suspend at the very last minute of cooling ,almost as a skin is developing , so the shredded loofah does not float up to the top while setting up . A little bit goes a long way, so use sparingly .

Love Shredded Loofah in 'Scrubby' Soaps

I really liked how this preformed in the organic clear M&P with organic essential oils! Worked great used in conjunction with anti-microbial / anti-bacterial essential oils. Gardener's love it, mechanics love it, I love it! I'm sure it would work well with any essential oil but seeing as this is perceived as a "cleansing" ingredient I paired it with the same. You can use just a little bit to get a teensy bit of exfoliation to a large amount in order to get a lot. However, I would use the loofah sponge if I wanted a large amount of exfoliation. I want to use this in my CP soap but haven't had a chance to yet so I can't say how it performs there (or in lotions, etc). I know Anne-Marie released a CP Loofah soap recipe not too long ago so I may try that one. Looks fun!

Had some good feedback

CP olive oil soap: the loofa has a scrubbing feeling. After the bar has been used a couple times, you can feel the loofah fibers on the surface of the bar (texture). After giving some loofa CP soap bars I made as gifts I received feedback that they wanted more, so I will use this product again. I would say if you like the scrubbing action of a loofa-- you will like adding this to your soap. It has a slight scrubbing action. If your bar is white the loofa has a slight golden color so it is easy to find those bars if they are not labeled. My Brambleberry FO Scent recommendations: Fresh Snow, Shave and Haircut.