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Good but...

These are very easy to use and make the product look much more professional. There are a few negatives though. When you go to tear open the cap to use, it never tears correctly. Most of the time it tears through to the base and most customers end up taking the whole thing off instead of just the cap portion. Also there is an open indent in the bottom portion that will curl up when you heat it up. I wish it could be flush and have no indentation at all.

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Gabriella Muka
First purchase

The lip balm shrink tubes were actually even easier to use than I anticipated. And the small shipping issue I had became a non-issue because of the excellent customer service. I will definitely be shopping here again! :)

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These are the easiest shrink wraps ever. They fit perfectly over the round lip balm tubes with no excess on the top and bottom. Great product!

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Suzanne Finley
Frustrated Beyond Belief

I have seriously been trying to get one shrink wrapper on a tube for almost ten minutes. I cannot get the wrapper to stay open; every time I insert my finger into the wrapper and try to get the tube in, it closes. This is a huge waste of time and there has got to be a better way.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Suzanne! I'm sorry you're having trouble with these shrink tubes. They definitely can be tricky to separate and keep open. We've found opening them with the tip of a pen or pencil while gently squeezing the crease sides close to each other helps.

Verified Purchase

I love these! Not only do they make lip balms look more professional they are also really fun to put on. They're great because when you take off the seal it only takes the cap part off so it adds protection to your label too.