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Won't fit 18-bar mold soap; hard to get on

Despite the product description saying it will fit soap from the 18-bar mold, it will NOT fit, not even close. Even putting a smaller bar in a larger wrap was difficult to do. This is the first Bramble Berry product that I have not liked, and I cannot recommend it.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Terri! I'm sorry these did not work out for your soap. We found that if we didn't use the dividers in the 18 Bar Birchwood Mold and poured a little less so the bars we a bit shorter, we had an easier time slipping these Medium Shrink Wrap Soap Bands on. If you're not wanting to make any changes to your soap you may find the Shrink Wrap Soap Bands - Large are a better fit.

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Good for 1 inch bars

I noticed that the larger the bar I tried wrapping, the harder it was to get the wrappers to work. It took several attempts for me to get the hang of using these bar wraps but once I got it, it seemed to get easier for me. Smaller bars seem to work much better. Nothing larger than one inch. Sometimes the edge scratches or nicks the soap as you try to slide the soap into the wrapper before applying heat to it. Sometimes the perforated side comes open on it's own while you’re heating it. I've had to unwrap and rewrap a few bars, but overall these do work better than shrink wrap from the grocery store. I experimented with one bar of MP soap and that worked okay too but I took my time with the heat gun, not wanting to melt the soap. It also helps to keep the heat gun far enough away that it doesn’t melt holes in the plastic. I recommend about 6 to 8 inches.

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Too Small!

I ordered these to package my soaps for sale and the bands are too small to fit around my soap.

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Worked great!

I used my hair dryer and it worked great! I found that if I put the dryer on high very close to the soap it worked the best! No bubbling! I'm very pleased!

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Good, Takes a Little Practice

These shrink wraps are great for small soaps. It takes a little adjustment to learn how to rotate the soap quickly; too much heat and the perforation tears quickly (I tore about 6 when I started). Wish they came in bigger sizes to fit the tall mold with peaks.