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Gorgeous Holo Glitter

I bought this to give my CP soaps a little extra sparkle on top. Wow! It really makes them pop, and I love that I can say it is biodegradable. My teen daughter saw this jar and is begging me to make her glitter gel. She loves it & says it is my "best" glitter. Will buy again.

Don't Use In Bath Bombs

I love this glitter it's absolutely beautiful. Works well in melt in pour. However, I'm seeing comments about using it bath bombs, and my research says the FDA considers bath bombs a cosmetic. As such, bath bombs and their ingredients get in contact with our mucus membranes(genitals) for extended periods of time(IE the bath). If a cosmetic contains aluminum(such as this) it can not be used in bath bombs. Please exercise caution.

Verified Purchase
Looks good in the jar

It does seem nice in the jar but in soap it looks off and in bath bombs it does not look like glitter in the water nor does it dissolove in the water so that cant even be a selling point. I like that BB is trying a eco friendly glitter but there are better ones out there.

Verified Purchase

This glitter is amazingly beautiful, a rainbow in a jar. I bought it for bath bombs but will also try it in clear M&P and on top of CP. Just seeing the jar on the counter makes me happy :)