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Questioned the Fragrance Calculator

I double checked with customer service about the usage rate for this fragrance. .35 oz in 42 oz of CP seemed light. After a 4 week cure, the scent has really faded.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amy! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this scent and found it to fade. We love the comforting and complex blend of our Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil, though it does have a very low usage rate due to its spice notes. We recommend using 0.42 oz fragrance per pound of cold process soap for strong scent according to our Fragrance Calculator. Though technically you can use a smidge more in cold process, as the IFRA states a usage of 1.57% and the calculator can only be set to even numbers so it is at 1%. While the usage rate is low we still found it to work well in cold process. Check out our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post for some tips that may help!

Complaints from Family

My father used my microwave to cook his food because he was in a hurry to eat. He later complained to me at length about how awful his food tasted because he couldn't wait for the other microwave or to cook it on the stove.

wonderful surprise

I was given a fall fragrance oil sample pack and was happily surprised at how wonderful this smells! it has endless possibilities for fabulous smelling blends. I mixed with almond creme and key lime and it's fantastic. Going to have to order a large bottle next time I place an order. no issues in CP. plenty of time for swirls or fancy designs. I wish I had known how good this was. would have ordered ages ago.

Verified Purchase
love the scent but the amount

I love this scent but only using .6 in my 2lb batch of soap doesn't cut it! I put in 1.4oz and I can now really smell the scent! Before it had hardly any scent to it using that little of fo. I think your soap calculator is wrong, but I love this scent.

Verified Purchase
Smells good - But question about quantity and FO calculator

Hello, This FO smells very good. I was a little afraid to loose some notes in CP so I tried in M&P. Excellent, Smells like New york's commercial centers during christmas time. I saw you mixed it with Gingersnap, so I want to try it too. I don't have lime though. But my concern is about your FO calculator. I make 2500 grams of CP and your calculator says I have to use only 18gr (.66oz) it really doesn't seems to be a lot and the FO doesn't seems that strong, Could you confirm it's right?? same with gingersnap and Sweet almond. Thank you