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Oh my!

After smelling this scent daily (more than once) for a couple of weeks, I finally got to soap with it last night! I used some kaolin clay and titanium dioxide, and it looks like I'll have a beautiful white bar. It behaved beautifully while soaping. This fragrance has THE most delicious smell, and I'm hoping it holds in my CP soap. The fragrance calculator said on 1 T for a strong smell, whereas most of my fragrances require 3T for a strong smell for the same amount of soap.

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Not too popular

This scent definitely discolors and there was some sign of overheating. If a scent smells really good nobody cares if it is not the prettiest. This soap was one of the soaps in a goody bag for 9 ladies. I always encourage them to trade if they have a soap they don't care for. Everyone tried to trade this soap away. I just gave this soap another sniff and I smell spice and sweetness but the mint is almost gone. I don't hate this scent but there are so many that I really love that I won't make this again.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Mary! Because of the vanilla content, this scent will discolor to a light tan. I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. If you're looking for spicy or citrusy scents, you may like Orange Spice Cybilla Fragrance Oil, Mandarin Oasis Fragrance Oil or Spiced Apple Cider Fragrance Oil.

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All Around Favorite

I absolutely love this scent! I am just beginning to learn soap making so have been testing different recipes, scents, etc. Several family members were asked to test each a sample of their choice & everyone wanted this scent! Perfect for guys, gals of all ages & even the kids loved it! When they took a whiff of this scent in my soap...the majority started out with an OMG this smells heavenly! It did discolor as stated in the product description but had no other problems with it.

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Sleigh Ride Fragrance Oil

I guess everyone's nose is different because I didn't like this fragrance once I opened the bottle and smelled it. I used it in a batch of hot processed soap, and even after curing, I couldn't stand the smell! I had to put it in another room on the far end of the house. No one else in the area seems to like it either and I only sold one bar at an event in Texas. Don't think I'll be buying this one again, sorry. Guess I'll put the rest of the bars on sale at a huge discount just to get rid of them, unless anyone here wants to buy them.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Donna! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. If you're looking for holiday scents, you may like Christmas Spice Fragrance Oil, Holiday Candy Fragrance Oil or Santa's Spruce Fragrance Oil.


This is the single best fragrance oil I've ever used in my CP soap. Everyone loves it, I never get tired of using it, and I've been back for repurchase five times. It's a perfect balance of spice, sweet-tart fruit, and cool mint.