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Perfect for Pouring Oils

I just ran across these by accident somehow. Sure am glad I did. I buy my Olive Oil in a 3 liter can which is impossible to pour from. Portioning it out into these smaller bags makes measuring out my oil so much easier with far less over pours. The pouches are also great for transferring other oils too. If I have a large bottle of oil, I don't like leaving it with too much room for air to get in the bottle. So transferring it to these pouches helps avoid the chance of my oil becoming rancid due to having too much head space in the bottle. This is one of those items that just makes portioning & measuring your oils out so much easier. Great item to have on hand!

Verified Purchase
great item

Love these bags!! Makes heating oils so convenient!

Great Product

I absolutely love these bags. These bag are perfect for holding all the oils to make a two pound batch. I filled up all twelve bag in just an hour. No more pulling out all my oils just to make a sample batch of soap. Great Time Saver. Have you ever thought about having a medium size bag? Maybe holding 60-70oz.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Chris! I'm so glad you love our Heat Resistant Plastic Pouches! Thank you so much for your sizing feedback. We will definitely keep introducing a medium sized bag in mind!