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Love The Sparkle!! Works Great With Other Colorants!

I really love the sparkle that micas add, but not all of my favorite colorants are micas. I often combine this with whatever plain colorant I'm using to give my CP soap that extra shimmer that I'm looking for.

Other applications

Would I be able to use this in bath bombs?

Sparkle Sparkle!

I bought this to dust the top of my CP soaps. I just made a couple batches and it looks fantastic. I haven't used it as a colorant yet, but it is very lovely on top of the soap to give it some extra pizzazz!

Sparkles like snow

This mica is amazing. The sparkle comes through in cold process soap! It looks just like my front yard when it snows, sparkling in the sun. Was so bummed to spill my sample on my kitchen floor today. It now sparkles like snow, too. I will be ordering more!

Verified Purchase

I would like to make cold process soap in an airplane shaped mold. Would it work to put the mica in the bottom of the mold before pouring in the soap? It would be cool to have the airplane look sparkly, but based on a comment above, it doesn't sound like it shows up in CP soap if it is thoroughly mixed in. Sorry if this is not the right spot for this type of question.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Laureen! Great question! We've never tried adding sparkle to our cold process soap that way but it's definitely worth try! You could also paint the soap with mica or dust it on top of your CP. Check out these techniques in our Paint Soap with Mica Powder Video and Luck of the Irish Hot Process Tutorial blog posts.