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soap molds

Can someone tell me the best (cheapest) mold to use for these cute cardboard boxes that will fit good?

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So Happy

I'm so happy with this purchase. The boxes may be small but the fit my soaps perfectly.

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needs instructions

These boxes are adorable and they look very professional, but how on earth do you fold them? I wish brambleberry post a video on soap queen or instructions with the purchase. HELP!!

very professional looking

These boxes look very professional and adorable. I have yet to purchase this item. I was hoping to find out if this box works with the 10' silicone loaf molds?? Or the 9- 36 bar molds? If so I would love to purchase very soon.

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The Black Currant
Very cute!

I ordered these boxes to protect my MP soaps when they ship around the US! The rectangle bar molds make the perfect size soaps for this box! The assembly takes time when you order in bulk but it's easy to get into the groove of putting them together. I would like to see the craft boxes in other sizes and shapes though. I like the clear boxes but I like the more enviromentally friendly look of the cardboard. Plus the sleeve is great!