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Most Recipees I Use Love It!!

I have a shelf full of soap books and this is the best book I have! I think the illistrations are just beautiful and this is the first book that I had a recipe that mine looked just like the picture, which is not easy to do, especially someone like Anne-Marie the Soap Queen! She is th e only one to think of the binding so the book lays flat, genieous!! Five thumbs up, and please follow your two books with a third in this series, I'm ready for another!!

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Great book for every soaper.

I have been soaping for about a year. This book is great for beginners & long time soapers. It is beautifully put together. It goes over the basics, but not in tedious detail. And it has a lot of recipes & great tips. As soon as I got it, I just couldn't put it down. Thanks Anne-Marie for such a thoughtful & well put together book.

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Excellent book... Suggestion for future editions

This is a very colorful and detail oriented book. I just wish it explained how to change the water ratio when using fruit purees (ex. the avocado moisturizing soap). Additionally, many of Anne-Marie's followers are foreigners or are based abroad (like myself) and I wish she could explore recipes with more exotic items (ex. marula fruit/oil, Brazil nut oil, acai berry, etc). That's just wishful thinking. Nonetheless, I've enjoyed the entire book and it is easy enough to add our own variations to the recipes.

Great Book

Besides all the information this book has to offer, it also has some amazing recipes. I made two of these this past week and they were so beautiful and easy. As always, recipes are well laid out with many great pictures to guide you.

Great Beginner Book

I looked at many books and this has a nice layout of pictures and information for someone new to soaping. Haven't made any soap yet as finding the materials locally have been a struggle. Guess I will just have to order from BB. Really excited