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Excellent book... Suggestion for future editions

This is a very colorful and detail oriented book. I just wish it explained how to change the water ratio when using fruit purees (ex. the avocado moisturizing soap). Additionally, many of Anne-Marie's followers are foreigners or are based abroad (like myself) and I wish she could explore recipes with more exotic items (ex. marula fruit/oil, Brazil nut oil, acai berry, etc). That's just wishful thinking. Nonetheless, I've enjoyed the entire book and it is easy enough to add our own variations to the recipes.

Great Book

Besides all the information this book has to offer, it also has some amazing recipes. I made two of these this past week and they were so beautiful and easy. As always, recipes are well laid out with many great pictures to guide you.

Great Beginner Book

I looked at many books and this has a nice layout of pictures and information for someone new to soaping. Haven't made any soap yet as finding the materials locally have been a struggle. Guess I will just have to order from BB. Really excited

Great book!

I got this book as a Christmas present and have really enjoyed it so far. It's good for beginners because it's got all the basic safty instructions, tools and ingredients lists and recipies. I've been soaping for several years and was excited to see some techniques I had never tried before. This is a great book for both new and advanced soap makers.

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Maria - Kokolele
Love it !!!

I got this book...I love it !!!...I am starting with CP and I am learning a lot, very interesting information about oils, FO, EO, Colorants...etc.etc.....I am reading every night and again and again reading it and every moment I read it ...I learn more and more....when one book is so good, you don't want to finish and at the same time you want to read it at once...thank you so much my pretty Super-Queen for sign the book for me..I hope one day I will be able to make some pretty and nice swirls...:) but for now, I am making great soaps with the recipes from the book...thanks!!..:)...♥