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Loved it!!

I would highly recommend the Soap Crafting Club - loved, loved, loved the Summer 2014 SSC!! I am a soaping newbie and this was my first session with the club. I learnt a lot through Anne-Marie's expert guidance and feedback as well as the others at BB. I have made new friends here and have benefitted so much from their expertise and all their projects and tips they have so generously shared in the online classroom. Thank you Anne-Marie, Brittany, Amber and all you lovely ladies at the SSC!

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Love the Soap Crafting Club!!!

I was a part of the Winter 2014 subscription. I got a little sidetracked and just finished up my second batch but I'm reminded again of what a great club this is! An AMAZING Christmas idea for anyone interested in making soap. I love referring to the tutorials and being able to practice with the various techniques. I look forward to attempting the third batch and hopefully joining the soap crafting club again!

Verified Purchase

I am currently in the "Summer" club. I can't believe I didn't try it sooner. The club is an amazing value. Not only do you get all the supplies to make three batches of soap, you also get the support of your fellow soapers and Brambleberry's staff. I truly wish that I had joined the clubs sooner, and I already know that I'm going to join future clubs (I've asked for a subscription for Christmas). It's awesome to get three packages over three months. It's exciting to wait for and to see not only how your personal soap turns out, but how your classmate's soap turns out too. This is the best type of class: one that you really want to do and don't get graded on! ;) I highly recommend this to anyone, no matter their current 'skill' level. I'm an experienced beginner, but there's so much still to learn and this is a safe place to ask questions and share your success/failures!

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The Best!

Having all your soap ingredients gathered together in one box and ready to go is great. And it's a nice treat to have your next soap project arrive every month. I can't wait to sign up for the next class(es). :)

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Soap Club was a great investment!!

I can't say enough good things about the Soap Club subscription! I've done it twice - spring and summer sessions - and LOVED it (still one month to go!)!! Not only is it a really good deal (all ingredients PLUS a scale, a full bottle of lye, and a great mold!) but the forum for Q&A and socializing has been great. There is a live session with Anne-Marie for each month, where she demos the recipe and answers questions from club members! I was brand-new to soaping when I started, and I have not only learned some great techniques, but developed a lot of confidence, as well. The only down side is that this is apparently being discontinued!! SO SAD!!! Please reconsider!!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Leslie! I'm so glad you enjoyed this subscription! Also, we are not discontinuing this subscription. The sign ups for the next class will be available soon if you'd like to sign up again.