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Love it!

This scent reminds me of my kids bath time bubbles scents! Very clean and bubbly is all I can think of to say. I love this one and hope BB continues to sell it.

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I love love this scent! I first started soaping with MP and it smelled great with a little Baby Powder and even just by itself. I just started CP and this fragrance definitely accelerates and it does it fast. The first batch with this scent I will admit was at a low temp so that was the reason it didn't work for me. I tried it again and had to work fast because it did start getting thick but in the end it worked perfectly!!

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Smells like you think soap should smell

This was one of my first purchases with Brambleberry and I made it into my 2nd batch of CP soap that I started out with. (My first batch being plain unscented, uncolored). It behaved very well, even for a newbie soaper. It smells clean and bubbly, like you would imagine soap smelling. Kids love it!

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Smells Great

Perfect for that clean laundry scent. Stays well in CP Soap

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This is a great fragrance - it smells so fresh! Scent lasts well in CP soap beautifully. However, I caution you to read the warning that it accelerates trace, because boy does it ever! I was prepared for some thickening, but not what I got - which was like very thick pudding in about 15 seconds of stick blending (and I soaped at room temp). The soap was not totally ruined but I couldn't do any swirls. If you buy this, be prepared and have all your stuff ready before adding the FO - it goes FAST!