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Alexandra-Tiny Bubbles Lovable Soaps, LLC
What happened here?

I've been purchasing Sodium Hydroxide Lye flakes from you since 03/16 - my two last orders of this product (12/27 & 11/09) I was extremely disappointed when I opened the containers of Sodium Hydroxide Lye, this was NOT flakes at all, the product was extremely powdery and clumps of lye were inside the containers, not to mention all the powder that flew out of the containers as I was taking it out to weigh it on the scale in order to make our CP soaps. I hope that my next order is the correct product in flakes, if I receive the wrong product again, unfortunately I will return it. Someone really messed up on this one at your Purchasing Department and/or Quality Control, this was definitely NOT Sodium Hydroxide Lye in flakes.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Alexandra! I'm so sorry you had that experience! The Sodium Hydroxide Lye should be larger flakes (though they can create so dust powder) while the powder you describe almost seems like SLSA. It sounds more like you got the incorrect product to me so customer service has contacted you directly to resolve this issue :-)

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Not impressed.

The lye is okay. It makes soap. It does what it's supposed to. The problem is that, like many others state, it's very "dusty." You open the bottle and can see lye dust floating up in the air, similar to how baby powder floats out of the bottle when you first open it. The bottle also had lye dust on the outside towards the top when I received it, but I liked that it was wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting on anything else. I will finish the bottle I have, but I'm not sure I would reorder it again unless I absolutely had to. I would rather deal with the static cling of the lye beads than lye dust.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jacob! I'm sorry this flake form of lye was not for you! We prefer this form due to the reduced static cling, though you're right the larger flakes due make for more dust than the beads. I'm glad your soap turned out though and the plastic wrapping helped keep the dust contained :-) If you find the dust irritating you can also wear a dust or surgical mask while working with it to prevent breathing any in.

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A cloud of lye dust

This is by far the dustiest lye I've used. Especially at the bottom of the bottle, there's a poof of powder as I pour the lye out! The flakes aren't clinging to the bottle and things from static, but it's not worth it.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Ashley! I'm sorry about the dust. The flake form of lye does have less static cling, though it can generate residue at the bottom the jug due to those large pieces knocking around in transit. If you find the dust at the bottom is irritating, you can wear a dust or surgical mask when working with it. That will prevent breathing in any particles.

Verified Purchase

I was very surprised when I received my first order of lye from Brambleberry to find the outside of the bottle covered in dust. I wasn't sure if I should wear gloves to even handle the bottle straight from the shipment. As far as I can tell, the lid hadn't opened in transit, so I'm confused as to why the bottle was in such a state. Before Brambleberry, I used lye purchased from hardware supply stores, which came as small granules (almost like sand) and dissolved quickly and easily with minimal dust. Brambleberry's lye is in large chunks/flakes that take forever to dissolve, are harder to pour out accurately (I'm always putting some back in the bottle), and create so much dust when pouring! I wear a mask when handling lye but the dust still gets to me. However, the product does work as intended and I haven't had any problems as far as functionality is concerned.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jennifer! I'm so glad your soap turned out well, though I'm sorry this flake form lye isn't your favorite. While the flakes do take longer to dissolve and can be a bit tricker to measure out in one go, they don't have static problems like the smaller beads. As far as the dust goes we bag the bottles in our warehouse as a secondary precaution, so the dust outside was most likely from the machine that makes our packaging or dust from the boxes. If you're ever concerned though please take pictures and call us so we can investigate further! Customer service has contacted you directly as well. :-)

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No problem here!

I made my very first batch of soap today using the Basic 1, 2, 3, Tutorial from Anne-Marie's book ( I did add fragrance oil, though). I didn't experience any problems measuring out or adding the lye flakes to the water, and the flakes dissolved completely. I am anxiouly awaiting unmolding and cutting my soap. Thanks from a new soaper for your wonderful products!