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Sodium Lactate MUST HAVE

I have soaped with and without Sodium Lactate. I chose to ALWAYS use it. It adds so much to the finished product and the ease of unmolding my soaps. It keeps me from crying over soap that will not unmold =)

I like it

I feel it definately helped my soap harden enough to come out of the mold sooner than it would've without it.

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Amazing Price!

So my customers read some negative things about glycerin and therefor didn't like that I had been using that as my humectant in my lotions. A customer asked me to replace with sodium lactate. I had always read great things, but the price was so high, even though you need less, that I never bothered. That is, until I found that Brambleberry sold it. And for SO much less than all of my other suppliers! My customers are so happy. And I'm happy because I replaced the uber expensive hyaluronic acid in my moisturizing toner with this. My customers did not mind and were happy with the price drop. They feel it works exactly as well. And since my face creams contain the HA, they don't miss it in the toner. THanks so much for offering this awesome moisturizing ingredient at such a low price!

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Nice hard bar

I have read reviews of the difficulty some soapers have with soap not releasing well from the silicone molds; so as a new soaper I decided to add sodium lactate to all my batches of soap, no matter what mold I am using. The soap always comes out easily and cures to a nice hard bar. I love the sodium lactate!

Glad I tried it!

I have never used sodium lactate because I have never had issues getting my soap out of the mold until I got the vertical wood mold with the plastic pieces that must be twisted off the soap. I hated that mold because I always had to cut the soap out. I tried sodium lactate and the soap came out of that mold exactly the way it was supposed to. The soap also has a very very smooth as glass feel.