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Sensational Suds!

I recently purchased this product from BB and was very surprised at the quality of the SLSA. Other sites I looked at had their SLSA priced much higher than BB. If you're running low you can just add some SLSA to your cart and the price barely changes. One of the many reasons I prefer BB over many retailers for soaping needs. The bubbles just small bit of this SLSA makes are abundant and carry fragrance well.

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Stock Ingredient in my soap kitchen

To put it simply: I love this stuff! BB has a competitive price on this versatile ingredient and so I add it to my orders when running low. I made the soap queen truffle recipe and subbed SLSA for the SLS. I also use it in my "signature shower and shave" m&p bar which includes the shea m&p base. The SLSA helps had a little lather to all kinds of things and isn't as harsh as the traditional SLS.

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I was surprised and delighted to see that the bubbles in my Bath Truffle lasted longer than my soak. I am totally addicted to using my homemade truffles. I use SLSA, coconut powder, dead sea salt, shea and coco butters, fragrance oils all purchased from Brambleberry. I add my own baking soda and after I mold them I briefly freeze them. I cut off the zipper and wrap them in the plastic from lunch baggies then package them in the Brambleberry soap boxes. I decorate the boxes and gift them. My home made Truffles are better than any product you will find in a store.

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My daughter has a science project making bath bombs. We just recently received our package and we do not know how much each batch needs. We have citric acid, slsa, etc. We have made a number of bath bombs without slsa & with citric acid. Which was fun watching daughter make. 😊 How much slsa would we need to use if using 2c baking soda, 1c citric acid ... ?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Cynthia! Exactly how much Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate you put in you bath bombs is up to you! A good range to go by is 15-25% of your product. At 25% of your current recipe you would add 1 cup SLSA to the 2 cups Baking Soda and 1 cup Citric Acid. Check out our Aloe Bubble Bath Bombs tutorial to see how we used SLSA in a bomb.

Love it.

It works wonderfully. I'm glad I substitute the SLSA for SLS, however, I have a question. I have a recipe that calls for 15oz SLS LIQUID, and I have SLSA powder... what can I blend the SLSA with to substitute, and keep that liquid volume?