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Info needed

Hi, I ordered this to make bathbombs with, but just wondering if I also would like to use it in oil-based scrubs as well, how do I mix it into it? And in some of your recipe that uses Potassium cocoate in scrubs, can we replace it with SLSA? Thnx!

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great product, need larger quantity

this works very well. i love that brambleberry is cruelty free and that this product is naturally derived. i hope that brambleberry soon offers a larger bulk quality to purchase

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Question regarding SLS

I am trying to make some fizzy bubble bath using a similar recipe to bath bombs and adding SLS, but I can't figure out what a good ratio is without using too much SLS - I have seen warnings stating that the product can be irritating to sensitive and eve n regular skin types if too much is used. I personally don't have any skin allergies or have sensitive skin so I could probably use triple the "normal amount" and it wouldn't bother my skin (which makes me a terrible "test subject" lol) So, using what you would call a "normal skin type" (a person who can use SLS and not be affected at all) If my recipe called for 16 oz (weight) of baking soda, 8 oz (weight) of citric acid for dry ingredients, how much SLS would you recommend? Thanks so much for all of your help and other answers to my never ending questions!! lol

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
Our recipes typically use about half the amount of citric acid by weight but you can use up to 25% in your recipes like our new Bath Truffle recipe.

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Bubbles galore

I made Bubble Bars and bubble bath bombs for the first time. A little bit goes a long ways. The bubbles last a really long time. Easy to work with.

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Best price

I find the best price here. I do alot of shopping around and buy from BB often