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Snowdrop fo

This scent is so beautiful. Light and floral. Perfect year round. It soaps up so nice! Definitely a favorite.

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A soap by any other name .....

Do not be fooled by the name or picture of this FO. The name is a complete misnomer. For me, it is more of a "water" or "ocean" fresh clean and green scent. Top notes for me are muted, white musk and clean linen. Unisex fragrance. Behaved well for me in CP soap. No acceleration. Scent actually becomes a bit stronger as it ages, but still wonderfully subtle, fresh and clean. Don't be afraid to buy this one.

Sweet and Crisp

This is such a great winter scent! It blends well with everything, great by itself, and works perfectly in cold process. No acceleration, no seperation, no discolor. If anything I think trace was slower? Gave me ages to work on my intricate swirl, and it came out exactly as imagined. I used the medium usage rate and it's just right. :)

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Perfect in CP soap

This is a lovely, feminine floral with great staying power in CP soap, and it behaved perfectly! How often do you get to say that with floral Fo's? I do use a slow-moving recipe, though, with only 30% hard fats. But with that, no acceleration or seizing, no discoloration, and great scent retention. Bramble Berry's floral FO's are the best out there, by a mile!

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New favorite

My customers fell in love with this scent! I originally planned to use it as a holiday special fragrance (shower gel & lotion set), but it was so popular I gave it a less seasonal name and it's now part of my regular line. Haven't made CP soap with it yet, but it's amazing in shower gel!! Didn't thin the soap or make it cloudy.