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My favorite scent

It is fresh, sweet, little floral scent. I love it. No discoloration. I didn't notice accelerating trace.

Snowdrop fo

This scent is so beautiful. Light and floral. Perfect year round. It soaps up so nice! Definitely a favorite.

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A soap by any other name .....

Do not be fooled by the name or picture of this FO. The name is a complete misnomer. For me, it is more of a "water" or "ocean" fresh clean and green scent. Top notes for me are muted, white musk and clean linen. Unisex fragrance. Behaved well for me in CP soap. No acceleration. Scent actually becomes a bit stronger as it ages, but still wonderfully subtle, fresh and clean. Don't be afraid to buy this one.

Sweet and Crisp

This is such a great winter scent! It blends well with everything, great by itself, and works perfectly in cold process. No acceleration, no seperation, no discolor. If anything I think trace was slower? Gave me ages to work on my intricate swirl, and it came out exactly as imagined. I used the medium usage rate and it's just right. :)

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Perfect in CP soap

This is a lovely, feminine floral with great staying power in CP soap, and it behaved perfectly! How often do you get to say that with floral Fo's? I do use a slow-moving recipe, though, with only 30% hard fats. But with that, no acceleration or seizing, no discoloration, and great scent retention. Bramble Berry's floral FO's are the best out there, by a mile!