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This has a terrible after-smell. I was super disappointed with this. It smells sort of faintly like Spearmint but then it's overpowered by a dead leaf/bark like smell. I ordered this one, fir, cinnamon leaf and anise EOs and the only one I thought was spot on was the anise. I won't order essential oils here again. Bummer, the prices were great but the quality is lacking as far as what I am used to in terms of essential oils.

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The good stuff

I am so happy that I ordered this fragrance oil. I was kinda nervous when I read other reviews describing this essential oil has having a woodsy smell. I did not know what it meant spearmint with a woodsy smell. Trust me, it is a traditional spearmint; what is expected from a spearmint essential oil. I love the price and I am ordering more!! I can not wait to find different projects to use this wonderful oil. I am thinking of blending it with my rosemary essential oil. Please do not change a thing with this essential oil.

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Minty & Fabulous!

This is a great spearmint essential oil. Super fresh and minty, sweet and a little earthy. I will say don't judge it straight out of the bottle though because it comes across as being a little more dank and earthy than it actually is. It seems to come alive with a lot more of the fresh minty notes when it's in a finished product.

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Potent Stuff!

I only use a tiny, tiny bit since this is so potent out of the bottle. Love mixing it with eucalyptus!

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Customer favorite

I like minty smells. This one actually smells pretty much just like spearmint gum in CP soap. I think it's great, and customers rave about it. Easy to sell. :)