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I have purchased this oil numerous times and really love the sent, however the last bottle I purchased seemed very watered down. Is there a best time of year to buy essential oils when they might be at their peak? I am also finding this to be true with the Hungarian lavender and tea tree. Just curious, have you changed vendors?

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Great scent

I bought this scent on a suggestion from a friend who wanted a spearmint eucalyptus soap. I wasn't sold on the spearmint smell, but when I mixed spearmint with eucalyptus, a best selling soap was born. This is a MUST for your scent collection. And I love to garnish with dried spearmint.

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Don't let the bottle fool you...

I must admit, when I first opened the bottle I thought gross. I wasn't getting the typical Spearmint scent, more earthy and well, can't put my finger on it but I didn't like it. Having ordered a 15 oz bottle, I decided to move forward with my cold process soap plans and I don't regret it one bit. This scent should not be judged my smelling the bottle. Try it in your product and then reap the real scent benefits, which is sweet and minty as one would imagine. I would definitely order this again. I love pairing this with other scents. No problems in my cold process soap. Lovely BB!

A Good Spearmint

This essential oils smells exactly like spearmint gum. The perfect combination of strong, minty, brisk, and sweet.

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bad out of the bottle, but great in soap

When I first smelled this in the bottle I was skeptical. It didn't smell spearmint to me. But on fait, I went ahead and made a batch of soap with it. It is amazing in the soap! Smells like strong spearmint gum. Almost everyone who uses this soap loves it. So, if you buy this and don't like it in the bottle, give it a chance!