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Minty & Fabulous!

This is a great spearmint essential oil. Super fresh and minty, sweet and a little earthy. I will say don't judge it straight out of the bottle though because it comes across as being a little more dank and earthy than it actually is. It seems to come alive with a lot more of the fresh minty notes when it's in a finished product.

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Potent Stuff!

I only use a tiny, tiny bit since this is so potent out of the bottle. Love mixing it with eucalyptus!

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Customer favorite

I like minty smells. This one actually smells pretty much just like spearmint gum in CP soap. I think it's great, and customers rave about it. Easy to sell. :)

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My typical distributor was sold out so I figured I would give Bramble a try thinking their EOs are reputable. My spearmint smells like no other spearmint I have ever smelled. I cannot use it, blends horribly with my usual blends. Very disappointed and will most likely not order from here again.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Corrie! I'm sorry this oil didn't work out for you. Our spearmint, like our other essential oils, is 100% pure and undiluted. Often, pure essential oils can smell a bit medicinal or overwhelming out of the bottle. The spearmint essential oil is going to smell much harsher to the nose than a spearmint plant. Our current spearmint batch is quite herbal smelling too - it can vary depending on the batch and the season it was distilled in. For a more strong smell of mint I would recommend our Peppermint Essential Oil, 2nd Distill. It is a more traditional mentholated mint with fewer green notes. For a sweeter mint, more like a peppermint candy, you may also like the Peppermint Essential Oil, 1st Distill.

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I just used the Spearmint EO for the first time yesterday. It is so strong and my whole house still smells like it! It is spot-on for the mint plant as well. Looking forward to using this soap and making more in the future