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Love this Scent!

This fragrance behaved perfectly for me! I soap slightly above room temperature, and had no problems with acceleration or ricing, my two biggest fears when using a new fo. Will be using this one again for sure!

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Fast Mover!

This moved very fast in my recipe (60% hard oils soaping at room temp. Love the fragrance but wish I had been prepared for that. Checked the site but it has no info on acceleration or pics of it in cp soap. I did read it darkens, so I did a white and copper sparkle mica swirl, well, plop really! Used a spoon on top and some glitter and think I managed to save it. It's in the freezer now since in my experience, fast movers crack. Will buy again but would have liked a heads up.

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Excellent manly fragrance

again, I use in candles. This is spot on for a man's scent! Let's face it. Most men don't like women's cologne because they are too girly/flowery smelling to them. But they do like mens' scents. I'm not sure why women don't just wear men's scents to attract the men??! Anyway, This scent in a candle tends to make the men 'hang around ' longer without them even realizing it. If you want them to leave, spray a flowery air freshiner. But if you like their company, make a candle with this. It does have a bit of a 'pipe tobacco' with some spices in it. Not overpowering though. Just real nice.

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Gets hot in CP

This has a great smell that every man I've asked likes. Make a note though that this gets very hot in cold process. My first batch was wrapped to gel and got terrible glycerin rivers (seriously, they were bad). My next batch I refrigerated to avoid the rivers and it STILL went through gel in the middle (and got glycerin rivers in the dead center). As long as you take into account that this will get HOT, it makes a lovely bar.

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Excellent for shaving bars

This is my best-selling men's soap fragrance. I made two batches in MP, and sold out completely. I am ordering more to try in my CP soap next. It reminds me of our trip to Vegas when you go into the mall next to the Aria there. It's very addictive, and when it's used in proper percentages, it is to die for. Very masculine and very sexy!! I now have requests for full loaves of the stuff and I think it is great!! Plus, I don't mind working around the scent and sometimes get a little on my hands. I just walk around the house sniffing my hands all the time. LOL Great stuff. I could go on and on, but it will start to sound redundant!! Just buy it!!