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not my fav

The only reason I give this a low rating was because it doesn’t have the eggnog scent that I like. I have used other eggnog scents before, and this one smells more like a snickerdoodle cookie. Less cinnamon than the cookie and a little more nutmeg. But it performed well, and maybe that’s the kind of scent you are looking for :)


I initially bought this for soap because I make drink-inspired soaps. This one seemed a bit too sweet for soap, so I used it in beeswax candles instead. It's perfect. I don't care for the taste of eggnog, but it is such a festive smell. From what other reviewers said it doesn't seem to last in CP soap, but in candles (at least in beeswax) it performed great. A warm, cozy fragrance.

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Not my cup of “eggnog.”

My first batch of eggnog soap (soap queen recipe) looked phenomenal but smelled kind of like dirt. I thought maybe it was my imagination and I needed to wait the full six weeks to cure. Nope. Still hated it. 1st batch has been turned into soap curls. Second batch I added Kentucky bourbon f/o and I love it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Kentucky Bourbon Fragrance Oil would be a great option to blend this scent with if you're not partial to it. If you're looking for other seasonal scents you may prefer Pumpkin Souffle Fragrance Oil or Hazelnut Toffee Fragrance Oil.

In Love

It smells divine 😍 I just made the eggnog soap. I can’t wait to give it out for Christmas presents!

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Did not last

I loved the smell in the bottle, and shortly after pour it smelled fantastic. I used a little over 3.5 oz (by weight) for 5 lbs of soap (which is between the medium and strong level per the fragrance calculator). However, 48 hours after pouring the scent had faded considerably. It has been four days since pour and the scent is unrecognizable. Putting the bar next to an unscented bar of soap it is obvious that there is some form of scent, but it smells nothing like eggnog or even pleasant. I hope the scent "comes back" like Brambleberry said on a previous review, but because of this fragrance's performance I will no longer buy a bottle of fragrance without first requesting a sample to try myself. I will ammend this review if the scent does come back after curing, but as of right now it gets a solid 3 stars because it didn't accelerate my trace.