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Beautiful, great working fragrance

I bought my fragrance over a YEAR ago and just got around to using it. I had absolutely no problems with acceleration, ricing, or clumping. In fact, this fragrance gave me time to do difficult and intricate designs in my cold process soap. The alcohol note in this soap is actually stronger than all the others in the set...NOT a bad thing in my opinion.

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Awesome in MP soap!

This fragrance is DELICIOUS. I was wanting to do some Eggnog soap for Christmas this year and settled on this eggnog fragrance. It smells just like the eggnog my husband and I buy this time of year! Scent is strong and works well in MP soap. I love it!

What happened to the scent?!

Smelled so good initially, did not accelerate my CP soap at all. I used the Soap Queen tutorial for the Spiked Eggnog soap and maybe it was the oil combo used but it was slow to trace. Very easy to work with, I was able to take my time. I am amending this review somewhat. 1 star to 3 stars. The scent has come back somewhat during curing. Nothing like fresh out of the bottle but if I put my nose right up to it I can smell a slightly sweet eggy smell. Did another batch and combined with buttered rum and that helped.

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I will not use again

The first batch curdled very badly. I felt maybe I had done something wrong to have the batch look like cottage cheese. I wasn't even sure what is was doing and had to look up the problem. I read to leave the soap for a few days to see if it will harden - well, the bottom half hardened and the top half was a gel like substance; nothing I would use. The second batch I was extremely careful and the exact same result. The trace was beautiful until I added the spiked eggnog then as I poured it into the mold it turned to cottage cheese before I even finished pouring. I do believe the issue is with your product and I have wasted 48 ounces of organic olive oil, 20 ounces of organic grapeseed oil and 30 ounces of organic coconut oil on the two batches. Not to mention the cost of 6 ounces of the spike eggnog frag - not even to mention my time. Very disappointed!!!!!!

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Brandy Dishman
Smells good enough to eat.

This smells amazing. OOB I wasn’t sure. My fiancé came out of our room and asked if I had made eggnog. Poor guy! Nope! It performed well in CP at room temps. Plenty of time to work with it.