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Good for MP & CP

We used this in MP soap and it's perfect. Yes, it does have a bit of a seaweed-under-the-sun smell, but once it is mixed with the MP base the scent is non detectable. In CP soap, the smell is a lot stronger until around the 4-week cure. We noticed a consistent fading of the color to a very light green-gray, over the course of 5-6 months, but that's to be expected from a natural colorant.

The scent is unpleasant

As much as I like natural ingredients, the scent of this powder is so unpleasant that I cannot use it. My friend thinks it smells like a dead sea animal! Although it becomes more faint after the soap cures, it is still there.

Verified Purchase
Very Strong

I purchased this powder as part of the Star Anise bars. I combined this with clay in white M&P base. The smell is quite strong and over powers the base. I suggest to use as little as possible as a little goes a long way. Not disappointed in this product, but will use with caution. It is however a very nice colorant as the description states.

Pairs well with Salty Mariner

I use this as a light green colorant along with the Salty Mariner fragrance oil. It gives an excellent salty sea spray scent and customers love it.