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Love it!

Love every scent in this box. so yummy and fresh!!!

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Not what i expected

I was very excited about getting this sample kit, i read the reviews and i was pretty antsy about finally getting them in the mail. I was especially excited about the rosehip jasmin (the reason i ultimately picked this kit) and English rose. I love all of the scents that i got but i will say i was disappointed to find that the one i most wanted wasn't in my kit. The replacement for rosehip jasmin was white rose which is okay but i might have made a different choice if i had known they were out of that scent.

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Most were good

I ordered this sampler pack, and liked most of the scents. The rosehip jasmin and english rose were my favs. I know other really liked the lettuce and grass stain, but I really didn't like either one. I still went ahead and made some soaps with it, thinking that others might like them, but nope. I didn't sell a single bar of those 2 scents. But the variety is defi good, and most of the scents are really good!

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Not a single scent that I don't enjoy

As with any sampler there is a good chance that you will find at least one scent that you're not going to like, but I can honestly say that this was not the case here. Every single one of these fragrance oils is delightful in its own way. I particularly love the Rosehip Jasmine and the Cybilla Yuzu, but all of them are wonderful. I think there's going to be a grass stain soap somewhere in my future. :)

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Retaining fragrance in HP

I love all the scents but I'm having trouble retaining the smells in the soaps once I cut them . I only have the problem with the HP ... Once cut its only gives me such a faint scent .. What am I doing wrong?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Britiney! I'm so glad you love all the scents in the Spring Fragrance Sampler! In our tests and recipes these scents were smelled strong when used at about .8 oz per pound of soap, which can be found using our handy dandy Fragrance Calculator. There is also a chance you could be burning off the fragrance when adding it to your Hot Process soap. The trick to combat this is to add your fragrance in at the end so it does not get too hot. I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!