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Has a strong underlying hint of gasoline. Do not like. I reached out to customer care to see how best to transform this. I will try the recommondations. Really hoping for something that works out.

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Unusual Floral

Although this is a floral scent, I keep it in my Fresh and Clean drawer along with scents like Cucumber Cilantro and White Tea and Ginger, because that's what it is, fresh and clean and beautiful. I have FOs from many different vendors, and I have found nothing like it anywhere else. I love it!! It does accelerate trace, though, so use a slow-moving recipe or plan to move quickly. Besides soap, it is perfect for lotions, bath bombs, scrubs, and makes a fabulous room spray (bathroom spray in particular).

Spring Meadow Frangrance

I loved the scent in the store - light and crisp. I used it in my standard CP recipe, but the finished product was overpowering. I used 2oz of fragrance in a 40oz oil recipe. I think half that will give me the results I want.

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so fresh!

This one was a bit strong for me in CP, but it is AMAZING in laundry detergent!

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Spring Meadow

This has to be one of my favorite fragrances. I cannot get enough of it and that's also been response of customers.