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Love Them!

These are the best bath bombs molds I have used so far! They are Giant which is awesome and my customers love them. Would love to see this same design for smaller bombs, I'd buy them right away, I'm not a fan of the plastic molds. :)

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I love this mold so much I came back for more only to find they are sold out 😞 Any idea when they will be back in stock?

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I like this mold, I wish it was more round not oblong but I can deal with that. After I bought 12 I found a great trick where you can mold the bomb imeadiatly remove it from the mold but carefully and then place the unmolded bombs on foam like egg crate foam to dry the foam makes it so you dont get funky flat spots and they get more air around them so they dry a lot faster, I like this because I can make as many bombs as I have room for and I only need 1 mold (I hate dishes). I also like to take a microplane or citrus zester and remove the line from the mold after they are dry. But back to the mold it is sturdy and will last a long time but the bombs can stick to it when they are left to dry a bit in the mold but I like the size and the fact it is not the anoying plastic ones (I will save those for my christmas tree and hang bath bombs)

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Great mold

I bought 3 and max I can make is about 5, I do leave it in overnight to get harden. Just a few tap and a little twist the next morning, bathbomb fell out of mold right away. Debating now if I want to get more :)

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Great stainless mold

I love this mold. The bombs are huge and can wiegh 9 ounces. I wish there were other sizes of this mold.