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Works Great, But Huge

These really work well once you figure out how to use them. BB needs to include directions with the mold. I was packing the mix into each side, then mounding on top of one and trying to mold together. After searching the web, I found a video of a lady using them and realized what I was doing wrong. Fill each side, mounding on one side, then mash together. To get them to unmold, tap the middle seam with the back of a spoon. Voila! They came out perfectly. These are HUGE. One bomb weighs 7.75 oz. That's half a pound!

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Forget aluminum. Forget plastic. These molds make bombing fast, simple and perfectly shaped every time. Sure wish they sold more shapes and sizes.

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Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mold

I love this Mold! It is easy to use, clean, and just looks wonderful. It holds up excellent and always looks brand new. The quality is Top Notch!

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huge and easy molds

Don't be fooled this mold make huge bath bombs perfect for giant tubs. I followed a suggestion I saw online to tap the spot where the two halves meet instead of the bottom and my bombs came out of both halves right away. I even had a little extra in one recipe and smashed it right in just one half of the mold and it came out fine the next day with a few taps on top of the mold. I wish so much these came in multiple sizes so I could make smaller bombs for regular tubs or dainty ones for foot baths.

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Just ok for me!

I love the huge bath bombs that these make. The only problem I have is that they don't unfold very well when you make a recipe that's more moisturizing. A basic recipe works great but if you like to make bombs that have more oil or shaved cocoa butter in it they don't come out. It's not a bad mold but it would be nice to be able to make all my recipes with them.