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a doubt

Is this product an emulsifier or a co-emulsifier?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Stearic Acid would be considered a co-emulsifier as it typically isn't strong enough to hold emulsions on its own. We normally use it with BTMS-50 or Polawax and more commonly use it as a thickener in lotion or a hardening agent in soap.

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great but packing is very bad

It is very nice i used it in different products .. it works great

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Ths product didn't work well for my shampoo bars and if you want a certificate of analysis and you don't order prior to buying, you cannot get it-even if you know the date you ordered, etc, isn't a problem for other co's but is for this one-beware!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Stearic Acid can be tricky to use in cold process soap like shampoo bars though it can help to harden them. You can find the information on requesting documents in our FAQ.

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Stearic Acid

I love this product and will always use it in every batch of soap that I make. I made 2 batches of the same soap and only put it in one of the batches. The one with the Stearic Acid was hard a lot faster than the one without it. I was able to cut the one with Stearic Acid sooner than the one without Stearic Acid. Will not soap without it now.

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Cathie H

Great price on this product!! I used it to harden my homemade melt & pour base. I made the base, then put the stearic acid in with the cubes of M&P when I remelted it. The result is a lovely, hard M&P bar, not sweaty even in our heat with plenty of lather. I found this easy to use. Win, win, win on this one!