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Verified Purchase
Great scent

This FO is great, I made a swirled melt and pour with honey and goat’milk base and named it Strawberry N’ Cream. I can’t keep it in stock as my customers can’t get enough of it. Already ordered it twice in a week! Love it!

Verified Purchase
Very Disappointed

Right OOB the scent was weak smelling so I used a little more than recommended amount and anchored it in Kaolin Clay after having success with anchoring previous scents. I Soaped at about 100 F. As well to avoid it overheating in the mold. After 3 weeks the scent remained, but, It never was as strong as I'd hoped for. Then it went away. Now today 6 weeks later I decided to try it out, hoping that putting it under water would activate the scent as I've read can happen, and have experienced it myself. None whatsoever. Only positive is it behaved in not accelerating trace, and didn't change the color of the soap. I won't be buying this one again.

Bath BOMB lover!
Bramble berry works with quality! Love them

I do not like when people leave a 1 star review, then start off with ' I ' did not read the description! So I am leaving BB a review on this awesome product as I DID READ the review. I used this for bath bombs and they turnt out lovely!

Not for CP

My fault that I didn't read the warning BB gave on this one. It riced and accelerated my soap very quickly. The scent changes from Fresh Starwberries to something very unpleasant.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Michelle! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love this sweet Strawberry Fragrance Oil, though we don't recommend using it for cold process soap. If you're looking for other fruity scents that work better in cold process soap, you may prefer Red Berry Rhubarb Fragrance Oil, Black Cherry Fragrance Oil, or Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil.

Maria and Bessi
FO in Cold Process Soap

This Strawberry FO did so well that I had to wait for my soap to set up because i only had my batter at at little to no trace just incase this FO accelerated but I didn't find that it accelerated, riced, or discolored my soap!