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Smells very "purple" :)

I made "Petit Fours" soaps and sugar scrubs with this for Christmas. My nieces and sister could not stop smelling them. They said they smelled "very purple". I agree, but they smell "purple" in a good way. Kind of light and happy smelling.

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Joeana M.
Great for kids.

My son loves the smell of this. We are making bath bombs with toys inside for boys & girls. They are going to love them. It reminds me of a sweet tart & jelly bean.

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Sweet & Festive!

This is definitely a young, very sweet, feminine scent. It's exactly how I'd picture a Sugar Plum Fairy! I got this for my bath fizzies, and I think it will be great for the holidays and for the kids. Hoping it's a hit with adults too!

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Absolutely Amazing Fragrance!

This is one that I can't stop sniffing the bottle. Its extremely popular at Christmas and it offers a different kind of fragrance to complement the more spice or pine types of fragrances that you usually see. I'm thinking about putting this in a summer soap design too as it always gets such great feedback. I've found that kiddos and teens love this one especially. It does have a strong yellow color in my soap so I have to take that into consideration with my design. It also does accelerate soap so work fast!

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Buy the big bottle, you won't regret it!

I purchased this fragrance with the intention of using it for my Holiday soaps. I'm so happy I bought the 16oz because it's AMAZING! I accidentally spilled some on my bare hand while opening the bottle and I could smell it for the rest of the night and it made both my husband and I happy! It's a hit with both genders as well as kids! My 9 year old niece got a huge smile on her face when she smelled it! As an added bonus, it soaped beautifully and stayed fluid, even with a water discount. You won't be sad you bought this one, that's for sure!