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Like a Flower Bouquet

This is a nice floral scent. I don't typically go for the floral scents, but this one was really nice. If you like B&BW scents, then you should like this!

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Beautiful scent

I purchased this by customer request for her wedding shower favors (BBs). I typically don't like florals, but this is amazing 😊 it's balanced with just enough sweet that it's not overpowering, the scent carries well and has become a best seller! Will definitely purchase more.

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Not a pleasant smell

This smelled good in the bottle,I made bath bombs with it and the smell reminds me of old outdated perfume :(

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kevin! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the fruity floral smell of our Summer Fling Fragrance Oil! Though it can definitely evoke a perfumey smell since it's similar to BBW types. If you're looking for other sweet and fruity scents without that perfume to it you may prefer Summer Melon Spritzer Fragrance oil, Apple Sage Fragrance Oil, or Fruity Fusion Fragrance Oil.

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Scent is amazing!

I purchased this scent from the sample i received and fell for this scent almost immediately. I used this to make my body moisturizer concoction and it smells even better! Definitely one of my top 5 faves.

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The Best

Back in the dark ages, when I was learning to make soap and we were stirring by hand rather than with a stick blender, this was the first fragrance oil I ever purchased. I was intrigued by the description and once I made it, wasn't overwhelmed. I put it away, came back, and WOW. Floral, fruity, a touch of musk and who knows what else. Now all these years later, I made up a batch just to see if I'd imagined how great it was then, and I have to say, its again my favorite. It does trace a little fast, but just be prepared with a simple design and you'll do fine. I haven't noticed any discoloration that can't be hidden by soft pastels. Mine is dark pink, green and white.