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The Soapstone Cottage
Used in bath bombs

I wish I had bought a larger bottle. I want to use it in cp soap but I will need to get the larger size. Even if it accelerates, It will be worth it love this scent

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Sunflower Fragrance Oil

Ok... I read all the reviews, bought a 16oz bottle, & made Goat Milk Soap & Lotion, Bath Oil, Bath Salts, & Bath Bombs so far. This FO is BEAUTIFUL in all of them! I thoroughly tested every product myself & so did my sensative husband, my daughter, and shop owners where I sell. All came back with 5 STAR results. NO ITCHING for anyone! This is a standalone FO. I am already buying the next bottle. I highly recommend this one. Don't let other reviews scare you.

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Like the smell, but

I really like the smell but I've had several complaints from regular customers how this bar caused them to itch. My recipes for all of my bars are the same and Ph was the same as my other bars, but this bar was more irritating to my customer's skin I guess due to the fragrance oil. I always use between low and medium scent. I've bought many fragrance oils from BB, but I guess I'll have to pass on this one.

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Sunshine in a Bottle

This fragrance is so amazing. It really is complex and intriguing. I'm not usually a floral fan, but I could order this by the drum. I will say, I didn't experience issues with acceleration, but the soap did get rather warm (I was soaping at 80F). My batch split a little on top, and I quickly uncovered to allow it cool. Can't wait to see how it cures out!

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A little Goes a long way

The scent is wonderful! I actually got confused and put half the recommended fragrance for the amount of soap I made and it still wound up making my entire office smell wonderful. The scent was even strong after saponification. One word of note really speeds up trace. I wound up scooping my soap mixture into the molds. Overall though, my wife loves the scent.