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So True to it's name!

I agree with another reviewer, this is so lovely out of the bottle and it truly smells like walking through a blooming herb garden in the springtime. I like that there are no obvious floral or musky notes at all. It is very clean smelling and will be amazing as a candle and even a glycerine soap. Very happy with this amazing scent! Thank you Brambleberry!

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Out of the bottle, lovely! I have been looking for a FO that didn't involve floral or musky scents. It does have "sweet" notes to it but it smells so herbal and green!! :) Can't wait to try this in cold process soap.

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I read that this scent performs well in cold process, but it seized by 10lb batch and I could barely get it out of my containers

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
In our testing the Sunny Herb Garden Fragrance Oil did not accelerate trace in cold process soap. There can be other reasons for acceleration, especially certain additives like milk, honey, purees etc., or stick blending the fragrance.

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Warm & Herbal

Lovely. Out of bottle it smells... juicy somehow? That richness that you get from a sunbathed herb garden in the summer. A hint of sweetness, not too sharp, and behaved well in CP soap. I'm happy I purchased a big bottle - this would also be nice blended with other fragrance oils. Super happy!

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Little to no fragrance came through

I bought this thinking it would be an herbal or herbaceous fragrance. I made a beautiful 4 color soap. There was little to no fragrance in the soap. It was such a beautiful soap I tried to sell it and since everyone smells soap first, it never sold. Very dissappointed.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We found this scent to be strong when used at 0.8 oz per pound of cold process soap found with our Fragrance Calculator. We do choose all of our fragrance oils based on a full 6 week cure time so you may end up liking the scent better then. For more help with that check out our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post.