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Best Seller of My Soaps

I always have Cherry Almond on hand because it is always the fastest soap to go! I have people that order this exclusively ... LOVE IT!! I have a Cherry Almond bar from 9 months ago and it still smells amazing!

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No scent

I bought this because the reviews were so good. I made a 46oz cold processed soap and added 3 Tablespoons. It DID accelerate trace, but 2 days later and there is almost NO scent in this batch.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Hannah! I'm sorry you had that experience. We love the Surplus Cherry Almond Fragrance and find it to quite strong smelling, with the strong usage being just 0.46 oz per pound of cold process soap found using our Fragrance Calculator. We do choose all of our fragrance oils off a full 6 week cure as they will often fade initially and come back stronger at that point so you still may end up liking it :-) You also may find our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post helpful!

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I decided to make a small batch of MP to see what this particular fragrance would do. It didn't disappoint! Everyone kept asking what was the name of the fragrance and where did I get it. :-) This is a keeper!!

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Smells fantastic but eats through plastic

You'll notice I still gave this five stars - that's how good it smells! It will eat right through plastic though. It ate through the plastic cup I measured in and the resulting spill took the finish off one side of my stick blender :( Even so, it smells so good I'll still be using it, but next time will measure in stainless lol. I followed some of the other reviews here by soaping at a slightly higher temp than my normal 110, and barely got any acceleration - I was able to do a starburst type swirl in a slab mold with it.

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Is this fragrance oil lip safe?