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You can't go wrong with this fragrance. It smells so awesome, it's great for men and women, and a little goes a long way. This is one fragrance that will be on my shelf always! Please don't change it!

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Can't Keep This In Stock

Excellent fragrance. Cannot keep this in stock. Used in CP, lotion, bath salts and candles. This is one fragrance that is asked for year round!

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Very Cherry and i Love it!

This is a great cherry smell and the hint of almond at the end preserves the notes of the fruity fragrance. I cant wait to use this in all of my products!

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Judge from your soap, not the bottle

Straight from the bottle, it smells very much like cough syrup: not very pleasing. I used the medium suggested amount and cut the soap this morning and it is very strong, but pleasant. I'm sure it will mellow over the next 4-6 weeks. A little goes A LONG WAY.

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Great smell

I made CPOP soap with this a few days ago. I used the medium amount called for. My daughter came into the house and asked if I was running my melting pot room freshener. I said no and asked her what it smelled like. She said a sweet cherry scent that was fantastic. It was my soap that looks and smells sooo good. It worked well in my cpop soap and I used vanilla stableizer. Worked like a dream. The red, green and a crisp white soap ready soon for the holidays.