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Customers Love This!

This fragrance flies off the shelf! To some it is like Jergens...others like Luden's cough drops. Either way, people love it in my lotion, bath bombs and soaps. Thanks BB!

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Verrry Cherry!

This smells like wild cherry candy, both out of the bottle and after curing; although the cherry mellows out a bit after curing and is delicious. Got rave reviews on this one and repeat purchases. Very strong and economical, and soaped well.

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PLEASE don't discontinue this scent!

My customers can't get enough of this sent. They tell me it reminds them of Jergen's lotion and Luden's cough drops. Don't think it's sickly sweet just wonderfully cherry and everyone loves it.PLEASE don't discontinue it!

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cherry cough syrup

This aroma is the same as the cherry cough syrup my Mom used to give us! VERY sweet smelling. Could not detect any almond. Haven’t made CPS with it yet…. Gave it 3 stars because my husband says he really likes the aroma… He’ll get his own batch of pumus soap!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Renee! I'm sorry this fragrance was off-putting to you though I'm glad your husband ended up liking it! It is quite a strong fragrance out of the bottle and definitely mellows out once diluted in product, like soap so I would test it out and see what you think. If your husband likes the sweetness of our Surplus Cherry Almond Fragrance Oil but you're looking for more nutty notes I would recommend our Almond Cybilla Fragrance Oil - it has a little bit of both!

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cherry almond FO

This is a best seller for me: lotion, soap, body wash, AND room spray. Strong scent that holds up to the cure and a little goes a LONG way.