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Turned out Great in HP & CP

The first time I used this FO was in M&P and I liked it, I then used it in a HP batch with a larger percentage of liquid oils and it smells delicate but good and hasn't changed after 9 weeks, I then made a CP batch with fine grain pink salt & Charcoal and thats my favorite! For whatever reason it smells amazing! I didn't have any problems.. I have yet to use palm oil and always use Lard instead, I think I used colloidal oatmeal in each recipe as well..other than that its a pretty basic recipe.

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Smells great

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Nice Floral

This is a nice subtle floral. Very nice in lotion, cream and hair conditioner. In liquid soap use the strong recommendation or the scent gets lost and doesn't come thru

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Accelarated like crazy

I used this for the first time in my standard batch of cold process soap. Mixed it in with a whisk and it turned into a solid mess almost instantly! A total waste. I’ll give the remainder of FO to the bath bomb department and see if it ruins that? First product of well over a hundred that didnt work as indicated. Very disappointed because it smells great.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
In our testing the Sweet Pea Fragrance Oil did cause some ricing though we did not notice any major acceleration. While floral scents do commonly cause acceleration there can be other reasons for acceleration like temperature and certain additives. For more tips check out our Soap Behaving Badly blog post.

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The Best

I didn't think this FO was that great OOB but after a 4 week cure the scent was fabulous. Then when I sold out of it in the first 30 minutes at the Farmer's Market I knew it was a winner! I'll order more for the upcoming Christmas Bazaar.