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In love with this scent

I just received my box today and of course I had to smell all the oils and as soon as I smelled this Sweet Pea scent I just had to try and make a batch of soap. It was my first and I didn't have any trouble with it at all, it behaved very well, I colored it pink, purple and white so I'll see if the colors change later on, but for now it's just beautiful.

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Light and Lovely

Smells like a lovely light floral. Not overpowering. I liked it in M&P soap. It is one of the lighter scents that I have experienced, but it's soft and pretty.

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Joeana M.
One of my favorites ❤️

My husband,son, & myself all love the smell of sweet pea. This is so good, even better than bath & body works sweet pea. I'm going to use this in lots of products from bath bombs, lotions, candles & more. I would highly recommend this one, & buy a bigger bottle. I got a 2 oz. & I'll have to reorder soon. This will be used up quick. ❤️🛀

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Beth Sage Owens
This Rocks!

Literally! You need to know this, good folks at BrambleBerry. I am a very close family friend to a member of the iconic rock group Twisted Sister....and this (Sweet Pea) is the one he is really wonky about! LOVE!!!!! :) This fragrance holds well...sweet, floral, not overpowering....what I call a WOW fragrance. Keep up the good work! :)

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Loving this scent!

I used this fragrance in a rebatch. The moment I scented the soap the beautiful scent wafted throughout my house and no one could stop talking about how wonderful it smelled. The scent lasted for hours and not once did I get tired of it. I currently have the soap curing and I can't wait to use it. I plan to use this in a CP recipe and I hope it holds up just as well as it does in a rebatch.