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I got this mold and tested it out on my rose quartz bars and I'm VERY pleased! Very easy to pour the soap batter in, easy to unmold. Yes, the sides do bow a little but I simply put a thick book on each side to hold the mold in place and the bars came out even and perfect. I was so impressed with this mold, that I just bought another one!

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My favourite mold!

This is my go-to mold. I love that it produces 12 1" thick bars. It seems impossible to find other molds that cut an even amount of 1" soap. I had my friend make a wooden box for these molds to sit in so they don't bow out. I think that is essential for this type of silicone mold to make sure the sides stay nice and straight. Unmolding is such a breeze!

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Love this Mold.

This is the 1st silicone tall & skinny mold I've ever had. I absolutely love it. Took another reviewer's advice & wrapped duct tape around it just to be certain it wouldn't bow in the middle. I put 48 oz in the mold & did a spoon textured top & had no problems with it bowing or with it being able to easily hold that amount. I'm hoping I can get another 1-2 of these molds so I can use a couple of them on the same day. I have several Brambleberry molds & I love each of them. I also bought the silicone cake mold with this order & can't wait to use it. Thanks Brambleberry, another great mold 👍

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Tall and Skinny

I love this mold sooooo much, that I have 3 of them..The size of the bar is nice and the soap removes from it so easy.

A little tip

To prevent my silicone molds from bowing I take a roll of duct tape and wrap it tightly around the mold. It holds it like a girdle so it can't bow.