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Silicone liner please

I use this mold fairly often. The only thing I don't like about it is that I have to line it. I know, a little lazy. However, since you have silicone liners for some of your other molds, why not one for this one? I would love that!

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Great mold

I purchased this mold and used it. I did not line properly and had some leaking which I didn't like much since the sliding bottom got stuck. The second time I used, I used the lining technique suggested on a previous review and it worked perfectly, no leaking. Not only that, but the heat from the soap released the stucked bottom and now slides out again. Now I truly love using this mold. I only wish BB would consider offering a silicone liner to make it even easier and more convenient to use like the other molds offered in the site.

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It's Awesome!

I have been wanting a tall narrow mold for some time and finally purchased this lovely mold. I love it! And I had absolutely no problems lining it! I line my molds using a method by Amy Warden (she has a youtube video tutorial) and found it worked perfectly for this tall mold as well! Do yourself a favor and buy it!!

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Would be Excellent, but...

I found this mold SUPER difficult to line with freezer paper. I like it a lot (I even bought two!) but that fault keeps me from giving it a 5. If it had a silicone liner, it would be perfect! If anyone has any suggestions on making lining easier, I would love to hear them!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jessica! I'm so glad you like this mold! Though, I'm sorry you find it so difficult to line. We will definitely keep your silicone liner suggestion in mind. In the meantime find out tips and tricks for lining your mold in our How to Line Any Mold blog post.