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Mary Ellen
The leaning tower of Auburn

I have been wanting this mold for ages and thought it would become my go to mold for small batches. My first experience with it has me wondering if I will ever use again. Took me forever to get the darn thing lined which was so not how I wanted to spend my afternoon. Then, when I had two thirds of my batter in, I tapped it on my counter to get the air bubbles out and the removable bottom dropped down on one side and got stuck. Had this had a silicone liner, I may have been able to do something with it, but the bottom was now stuck, the weight of my batter as it shifted down on one side very rapidly tore my freezer paper, causing batter to leak all over the bottom of my brand new mold... I finally gave up trying to get my mold bottom back in place, did a hanger swirl and grabbed a couple of small silicone molds for the rest of my batter. The next day, I was able to, with a lot of effort and a headache, get my soap out. Have a gorgeous hanger swirl that lists heavily to one side. Got the bottom board back in place but only with the use of a hammer so it has these dents now on the bottom of a mold I have used exactly one time. I have always loved Bramble Berry molds before and have never had an issue with one before, but this one needs to go back to design phase and then come back with a secure bottom and a silicone liner!

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wanted to love it

I really wanted to love this mold because I love tall bars of soap, however, I used it twice, and lined it, and both times it leaked all over the place. The second time I lined it I double lined it. I just don't understand why it didn't work. Soap is all over the mold now, in all the cracks and crevices on the bottom, and I cannot get it all out. So disappointed and upset, given the price... I use brambleberry for pretty much everything. When I received the mold I did notice that the bottom, where the sliding wood part is was rattling. Should have paid attention and returned it. Now I have a soapy mold that won't come clean, and useless. Truly bummed.

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Produces wonderfully shaped bars

I have a love hate relationship with this mold, but let me tell you why, Lining is the hate,, but I have overcome this by using a ruler to make indents on my freezer paper then taking it out and making a stencil, with that stencil I trace it onto a piece of paper, then I always have the measured out lines for the freezer paper slips. No more having to push in and figure it out. When I have down time, I line the mold even if I do not plan to use it that day that way its done. The lid keeps the dust out so its ready to use when I need, and the stencil I traced is always ready to use again and again to make more freezer paper liner sheets. Worth the effort!the little rubber stickies on the bottom came off already, but you can use drawer grip to keep it put

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Silicone liner please

I use this mold fairly often. The only thing I don't like about it is that I have to line it. I know, a little lazy. However, since you have silicone liners for some of your other molds, why not one for this one? I would love that!

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Great mold

I purchased this mold and used it. I did not line properly and had some leaking which I didn't like much since the sliding bottom got stuck. The second time I used, I used the lining technique suggested on a previous review and it worked perfectly, no leaking. Not only that, but the heat from the soap released the stucked bottom and now slides out again. Now I truly love using this mold. I only wish BB would consider offering a silicone liner to make it even easier and more convenient to use like the other molds offered in the site.