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Works Great

I used this in my CP goat milk soap and I absolutely love it i have order many scents from you guys and I have all of them

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Yep....It Fades as stated!!!

I loved this fragrance out of the bottle and for the first couple of weeks in my Cold Processed Goats Milk Soap. There were so many good reviews about it I thought I would give it a try as it I was really hoping for the best but there is nothing left of the scent. I did use the fragrance calculator did not use the maximum 2.50 I used 2.30. My bad. I will let my client know and have him pick another fragrance and make him another loaf of soap. I have never had this happen and love all of the BrambleBerry fragrances I have used. I may try it again and use the maximum fragrance to lock it in. Or possibly use it with another fragrance.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Tangerine Surplus Fragrance Oil is great for melt and pour soap and other skincare products. If you're looking for a longer lasting citrus you may prefer Energy Fragrance Oil, Grapefruit Bellini Fragrance Oil, or Orange 10X Essential Oil.

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Cheap Orange Creamsicle

I was expecting a lighter and slightly sweeter version of an orange fragrance oil to match the real smell of tangerines, so it was disappointing to see how sweet and cloying it smelled. Unfortunately, instead of smelling like an actual tangerine, it smells like a cheap attempt at an orange creamsicle scent. This is supported by the fact that, according to the bottle it came in, it is 20% vanillin. After having great results with other citrus oils from BrambleBerry (including yuzu, kumquat, sweet meyer lemon, lime, and orange 10x), I expected more from this fragrance oil.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Ross! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't what you expected! We love the Tangerine Surplus Fragrance Oil though our surplus options do tend to lean on the sweeter side than our other scents. If you're looking for something less sweet I would recommend our Tangerine Essential Oil.

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Smells Amazing!

I bought this because of the price point. I made CP with this in April and it still smells bright and strong in November in both recipes I made! It's one of my customers' faves! So glad it's still available because they keep asking for more!

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Love it!

So far I've only used this is MP soap but it smells fantastic, I can't wait to use it in lotion!