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Multiple Applications for this EO

I bought this primarily because I make Tea Tree shampoo for my daughter. But it can be used in a wide variety of products. Tea Tree & Charcoal Facial Bars are really "in" right now. So it's great for either CP or MP. Brambleberry carries a wide array of quality essential oils. And I find myself buying more & more of their EOs now that they've started advertising them more.

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Lots of uses

Excellent oil for your skin! I like to blend this with peppermint/eucalyptus. This is definitely potent by itself, so I recommend blending!

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Erin, #SlateRoofStudio
great oil; best blended

I have made CP soaps with this alone, and then blended with Rejuventating Eucalyptus FO. It sells twice as fast when blended with the FO. Not sure why, but it does seem to stick longer in CP soap when blended, and for those tea tree lovers who want a strong fragrance, the eucalyptus seems to give it an extra zing that they like. It soaps and behaves well in CP soap and no discoloration.

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High quality

High quality product. Repeating customer.Thanks!!!!

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I have purchased this oil numerous times and really love the sent, however the last bottle I purchased seemed very watered down. Is there a best time of year to buy essential oils when they might be at their peak? I am also finding this to be true with the spearmint and lavender. Just curious, have you changed vendor?