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I just completed my first bath bombs with the La Bomb colors. I had previously used micas and, even though I followed the Sand Dollar recipe from this site exactly, I still had a light ring on the tub. I like my bath bombs to contain coconut oil and that may have been why I had the ring. So, I switched to the LaBomb colors and no tub rings! I don't want deeply colored water in my bath. The colors mixed super easy and left no specks.

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Just ok

I dont hate this but it is hard to mix in and does not give strong water color. When will you get lake bath bomb colors BB? Honestly micas are better and can be used in a wider range of products.

Easy to use/Beautiful Color

I got the 12 color low ph colorants. Easy to use, took my dropper approx 3 drops into my shower bomb recipe, mixed mixed mixed. The color came out beautiful light, light teal. I suggest wearing protective gloves and maybe an apron or old shirt, the colorants will stain your hands, clothes etc. Can't wait to try all the other colors in the box.