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Wednesday, May 25, 2011



Garden Gnomes 

When we first saw these adorable molds from Milky Way Molds we were smitten, but then Amanda with Lovin' Soap created these amazing soaps and we were in full-blown love. 


Gnome Soap

Amanda crafted cute little gnome cartoons based on the Milky Way mold, printed them on water soluble paper and then embedded them in clear melt & pour soap. It instantly adds the detail so you don't have to slave away mixing, pouring, and cleaning up different colors of soap. 



Our Gnome Kit has everything you need to make at least 8 bars of cute gnome soap.



1. First, print out the Gnomes on Water Soluble Paper. For tips and tricks on how to use water soluble paper see this Soap Queen TV video. Make sure to print at full size, then cut them out. Lay one in your mold to check the size - it should be a little smaller than the mold cavity.

2. Melt about 5 oz of Clear Soap base. Do the bluing trick for better clarity by adding a touch of Blue Mix LabColor. For more information on the bluing technique check out this Soap Queen TV video.

3. Pour into the mold just until the soap reaches the top of the gnome boots. Spray with rubbing alcohol to get rid of bubbles.

4. Lay the gnome print face down on top of the clear soap. Then, gently press it down into the clear soap. Allow to harden.

5. Melt about 7 oz White Melt & Pour base and add about .2 oz fragrance. Spray the clear soap with alcohol and pour the white soap when it has cooled to 125F. Finish with another spritz of rubbing alcohol.


Gnome Art

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