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It's another edition of the Soap Queen Newsletter and this time the Soap Queen is thinking ahead to Valentine's Day. Also, don't miss the exclusive subscriber discount below.
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Give a Little Love Soap

Anne-Marie is loving our new Cube Silicone Mold and created a special little mold that makes embeddable hearts which fit perfectly in our silicone cube mold. This technique is simple and the results are adorable and really easy, even for a beginner.

See below for complete instructions on this exclusive project for Soap Queen Newsletter subscribers.

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Soap Queen TV

Over 40 videos made with more to come!
Soap Queen TV has been making videos for nearly 3 years and we have quite the library to show for it. From the very basics of Melt & Pour soapmaking to the more complex Cold Process soapmaking to the totally fun Bath Bomb Cupcakes; you can learn how to do it all on Soap Queen TV! Of course, we have our favorites, one of which is the Embedding Toys in M&P video - those piggies are just so adorable! Watch it here.

Instructions for Little Love Soap:

Tiny Hearts

Placing Tiny Hearts

Sprinkling Glitter

Pouring Soap
First Time Making Cold Proces Soap?:
I strongly suggest getting a couple of basic recipes under your belt before diving into this advanced recipe. Check out Soap Queen TV on Cold Process if you want to get started! It’s a 4 part series that will take you through the basics (and be sure to watch the episode on Lye Safety). If you’re a book worm, Bramble Berry also has some helpful reading on the cold process technique. Check out our E-Book on Cold Process.

Melt and Pour Prep:
ONE: Prepare your melt and pour heart soaps using Low Sweat Clear Base and Electric Bubble Gum Colorant. For basics on melt and pour soap click here. Make about 18 little pink hearts. Be sure to mix your Bubble Gum colorant in Liquid Glycerin (1/3 Cup of Liquid Glycerin to 1/2 teaspoon of Bubble Gum Colorant), then added 1/4 teaspoon per pound of soap. Check out a tutorial on mixing your Neon Colorants HERE
TWO: Once the melt and pour has set-up, unmold the soap and place one heart soap in the bottom of 18 cube cavities of the mold. Make sure the flat side of the soap is on the bottom.
Optional: Using your fingers, sprinkle a little bit of glitter into the mold before you pour the CP soap batter over the top of the tiny hearts.

Making Cold Process Soap:
ONE: Safety gear up! Make sure you’re wearing long sleeves and put on your goggles and gloves (preferably super cute pink goggles from Bramble Berry). Carefully add the lye to the water (never the other way around!) and mix until the water is clear, taking care to not breathe in the fumes. Set aside to cool.
TWO: In a large heat safe container, melt and combine the Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Flakes and Rice Bran Oil.
THREE: Mix 5 tablespoons of Sodium Lactate to the cooled lye water then slowly and carefully add the lye mixture to the oils. Mix for 20-30 seconds with a stick blender.
FOUR: Use the stick blender to mix in 2 teaspoons of Super Pearly White Mica.
TIP: Place the stick blender on top of the pile of mica laying on top of the soap batter. Then sink the stick blender to the bottom and "burp" the stick blender by tilting the stick blender and releasing the air bubbles. Then mix in the colorant.
FIVE: Mix in 3 ounce of Lemongrass Essential Oil and 2 ounces of Sage and Lemongrass Fragrance Oil. Mix the soap batter for another 20-30 seconds until medium trace.
SIX: Slowly pour the cold process soap mixture over the melt and pour heart soaps leaving 1/2 inch of room at the top. Keep a whisk on hand and stir the soap batter if it starts to get grainy while pouring the soap.
Optional: Sprinkle a little more glitter on the tops of the soap.

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