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The best Titanium Dioxide

I have tried a few different brands of TD and this by far is the best. Mixed with water easily.

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Michelle B
Great product and value

I use this regularly in my CP (and M&P) soaps. Although I cannot imagine there is much difference between suppliers, I think BB offers a great value for the product. And I've used this product with great success. Thanks BB!

Love it

It's exactly what I needed to lighten the color of my soap. I used it on my pine tar soap. And if you know anything about pine tar, then you know it's really dark.


I've bought this before for cp soap & it worked great but now I'm trying to find something that will make my Bubble Bars white as possible will this help? I want to make sure my fragrance won't change the color of the Bubble Bars I tried it without any Color it and it turned brown

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Homely Animal
The day my life changed.....

I bought this TD after trying some from another supplier with positive results so I wanted give brambleberry a try since I order many of my staples from here anyway. Initially I had mediocre results being hit or miss with how it was blending with my Sweet Almond oil. Sometimes I got specks or streaks sometimes I didn't. I always used a mini whisk or even my immersion blending to try and get it smooth. Then on a whim I decided to mix it with water instead of oil (since the description said it could be used with either oil OR water) and I soap using a water discount anyway, so why not? In water I have had nothing but success with this TD. Smooth, white, fully dissolved, soap whitening success. While some had tips for using oil, water was the key for me and I have never looked back. Thanks BB for another great product, I'll always get my TD from you!