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Maria & Bessi

This is one of my absolute favorite FOs!!! Used in a 30/30/30 recipe it seemed to decelerate. I just used it in a recipe w/ tallow it was thicker. I suspect it was the tallow...

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I wish I could give this fragrance 10 stars!

I think this is my favorite from Brambleberry so far. Right up front it is very clean, almost ozonic and then fades into a wonderful aroma of a woodworking shop with a subtle spiciness. I rank it right up with (maybe better than) their "Black tea", "Sensuous sandalwood" and the "Musk cybilla" as far as men's fragrances go. I haven't soaped with it yet, just tested it on a fragrance strip, but I am really impressed so far!

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Oh yeah!!

I scented a column pour with this in activated charcoal and titanium dioxide colored white. The goat's milk amd olive oil had some play in the color but I wasn't expecting the rosey huge that it morphed into when there was no pink coloration added. It has since morphed back into white which has forced me to change the name from the original, to something else then back to the original name but the scent is to die for! Buy it, but get a large bottle cause you're gonna need it. As always, kudos to Brambleberry!

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Can you use this for leave on products?

I love this scent. I was wondering if you can use it in leave on products like lotion or deodorant.

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Jessica / Daniel
My favorite

I was looking for a tobacco fragrance and I decided on a small bottle just incase! It is amazing!!! I sold all my soap bars and everyone is just raving for this scent. Its a gentleman scent. If you're not sure try a small bottle but I highly recommend it. Even my gfs love the fragrance. I use it too haha. If you love this scent I also recommend shave and a haircut. Cheers