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I'm not a fan of "masculine" scents, but I can't get enough of this one! Smells wonderful OOB and in my soap.

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Nothing less than incredible ...Subtle notes of leather and cigar smoke!

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I ordered Made to Measure, and I am in love with it. Having such a great experience with that one, I wanted another masculine scent to keep on hand. I searched the reviews and this one (Tobacco & Bay Leaf) had nearly all 5 stars. I was so excited to order it that I got the 4 oz. bottle instead of the 2 oz. Well, that was a mistake. This stuff is stank! The tobacco note is very subtle, and I actually can deal with that. But, the bay leaf comes through ridiculously strong. The scent doesn't balance out well, and it has taken me 6 tries to wash this stuff off my skin. It smells like a cheap generic cologne. I'm going to try the Beau Brummel to see if that's better. Meanwhile, I'm stuck with 4 oz. of liquid nightmare.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our Tobacco & Bay Leaf Fragrance definitely smells more strongly of bay than tobacco with that top note of bay leaf. If you're looking for other masculine scents you may prefer Blue Man Fragrance Oil, Bramble Berry's Fierce Type Fragrance Oil, or Spiced Mahogany Fragrance Oil.

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Great Fall scent

I received this as a sample and bought more as soon as I smelled it. It has a woodsy/smokey scent that I think is perfect for a fall soap. It performed well in CP, however, I would use the max amount recommended next time as it seemed to fade in less than 2 months using the medium amount.

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Nice smell but didnt like how it performed in my soap.

Used my usual CP recipe and was disappointed with the fact that my soap had a very sand-like texture to the top of the loaf. It was also much slower to harden. I like the smell but I'm leary of the performance.