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What is that smell?

Ladies, this smell is really good! It has a little smokey smell at first but then mellows out to a wonderful balanced smell. So So glad I gave this a try. I want to make soap and beard oil out of this one. The men in my family will love me for it!!!!!!!

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Mrs. B
Love this after cure

This smelled amazing OOB. After soaping it morphed into something a bit sour. After a 6 week cure it it back to its original awesomeness. I adore this scent. Very unexpected given the name.

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What happened to the scent?

I wanted to love this fragrance because so many people here gave it high marks. OOB it was pretty good. Now that my CP soap has been curing on the rack for 3 weeks, the scent has faded dramatically and kinda smells faintly of wood. I'm super disappointed.

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Smelled like hamster chips in my CP soap

I almost wasn't going to write this, but the smell after soaping was nothing like it smelled in the bottle. I smelled hamster chips. I was so bummed. I used the same soap recipe as I use in almost all my batches. If anything, BB FOs usually smell better after soaping, not worse.

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Just order it!

My husband said I should name my soap "Crazy Good Things Happen". This is a manly man smelling FO. Not a prissy fragrance, more like a hot guy wearing nothing but a kilt getting ready to dive into a mountain river to catch trout with his teeth before he builds you your dream cabin fragrance. Yeah, it's that good.