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Words can express how amazing this fragrance is. It's a great unisex fragrance, masculine yet soft at the same time. Kind of reminds me of b&bw twilight woods for men just not as strong. This is definitely one I want to keep in stock.

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Tobacco Bay Leaf

One of the best masculine, yet unisex fragrances I have tried so far. As a male looking to make products geared towards other males, this scent is awesome! I mix it with other essential oils as I usually do not use it standalone. Please keep this in stock! I will be ordering a large quantity just in case.

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This is my new favorite FO. It is clean and fresh, masculine and all around awesome. I LOVE THIS FO!!!!! Ordering more of this asap!

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Might be my favorite!

I have a few scents that I really love. Yuzu Cybilla and Lavender & Cedar are really high on my list, but everytime I smell this, I like it more and more. It faded a little bit in CP, I went with a medium strength, but I think I will use as much as I can next time. I just put the labels on last night and half of my batch is already gone. My husband said I need to save him one and honestly, I feel like I need to save myself one! I highly recommend this scent.

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Karen B
Rename this "Clean Man"!

I was reluctant to order this because I can't stand tobacco smell -- the Black Tea FO, for example, smells so strongly of tobacco I can't stand to use it (I can't smell tea at all in that). However another soaper gave me a sample CP bar scented with this FO, and I LOVE it. As she says, you need to rename this scent "Clean Man" because this is what one should smell like! Yet it's not too strong for a woman to use, I've been using the soap myself in the shower. There is no objectionable-to-me tobacco scent to it.