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Family favorite!

I use this in CP soap. My husband and son love it and asked me to buy more. My daughter-in-law loves the scent as well. Holds scent well through cold process. This one is a keeper for sure :)

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Crowd favorite

I purchased the men's fragrance sampler pack with this in it and used it to teach a friend how to make cp soap.The guys flipped over it! Needless to say I am reordering.

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A Lesson in Description Subjectivity

I wanted to like this; I was excited about using it. I was going to use it for a Red-White-and-Blue Bar for the Fourth of July, 2018. I don't know what kind of tobacco was used here, so this may be a lesson in the subjectivity of descriptive words. I expected something dark and rich like pipe tobacco, with a subtle whatever-it-is-bay-leaf-smells-like to enhance it. What I got… was something else. It's light, faintly sweet, and definitely something that tugged on scent memory, but I don't smell anything similar to my experiences of tobacco (or the tobacco-scented soap I bought to tide me over until my own first batch was ready). My dad said it reminded him of his granddad's shaving cream (he said this was a positive thing). I agree: my first thought was "why does this smell like shaving cream?" It does put one in mind of barber shops, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe pipe tobacco and whatever's in here are different things, and it's my fault for not recognizing this? I do wonder if this would pair well with the Leather fragrance oil here on Bramble Berry. As far as scent strength and staying power, this is a reliable kind of fragrance; I used a medium dosage and the fragrance was not overpowering as others have been. It didn't disappear and reappear during the curing process, it didn't misbehave at all, or discolor, while I was mixing the batch up. It lost some of the sweeter edges as the soap cured, but the scent never really deepened or darkened. I recently got another bottle in a fragrance oil sampler, and it smells a little different than the bottle I’m reviewing here.

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Another hit

A favorite in HP soap! Scent does not diminish, men and women love it!

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Another price increase

Nice scent, but it seems that BB has been increasing the price of their best sellers a lot, recently, way too much fo FO's! I don't like that, starting to seek other suppliers for my FO's. Finding a scent that work in your line is hard enough, a lot of money spent on trials, and suddenly, the price go up so much, not viable

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for your feedback. Our prices on the Tobacco and Bay Leaf Fragrance Oil went up by our vendors so we had to raise the price as well in order to continue carrying it.