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Not much of a scent

I bought this to add to my men's soap. The scent was faint in the bottle and faint in the soap. I didn't even sell it because it didn't live up to the scent standards of my other soap.

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Family favorite!

I use this in CP soap. My husband and son love it and asked me to buy more. My daughter-in-law loves the scent as well. Holds scent well through cold process. This one is a keeper for sure :)

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Crowd favorite

I purchased the men's fragrance sampler pack with this in it and used it to teach a friend how to make cp soap.The guys flipped over it! Needless to say I am reordering.

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A Lesson in Description Subjectivity

I wanted to like this; I was excited about using it. I was going to use it for a Red-White-and-Blue Bar for the Fourth of July, 2018. I don't know what kind of tobacco was used here, so this may be a lesson in the subjectivity of descriptive words. I expected something dark and rich like pipe tobacco, with a subtle whatever-it-is-bay-leaf-smells-like to enhance it. What I got… was something else. It's light, faintly sweet, and definitely something that tugged on scent memory, but I don't smell anything similar to my experiences of tobacco (or the tobacco-scented soap I bought to tide me over until my own first batch was ready). My dad said it reminded him of his granddad's shaving cream (he said this was a positive thing). I agree: my first thought was "why does this smell like shaving cream?" It does put one in mind of barber shops, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe pipe tobacco and whatever's in here are different things, and it's my fault for not recognizing this? I do wonder if this would pair well with the Leather fragrance oil here on Bramble Berry. As far as scent strength and staying power, this is a reliable kind of fragrance; I used a medium dosage and the fragrance was not overpowering as others have been. It didn't disappear and reappear during the curing process, it didn't misbehave at all, or discolor, while I was mixing the batch up. It lost some of the sweeter edges as the soap cured, but the scent never really deepened or darkened. I recently got another bottle in a fragrance oil sampler, and it smells a little different than the bottle I’m reviewing here.

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Another hit

A favorite in HP soap! Scent does not diminish, men and women love it!