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Nice and sweet!

This fragrance is a little bit herbal and a little bit floral...almost with honeysuckle overtones. It's a wonderful, sweet, feminine scent without being over the top. I just made a batch of CP soap and can't wait to see how it turns out.

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Love it!

I guess scent prefrences and and how we experience scents are totally subjective; despite some of the negative reviews, this scent to me smells exactly like tomato leaves, clean and herby! I used it in the Simple Castile Cold Process Soap recipe from the tutorial on Soap Queen. I don't know how it would have reacted in a soap with harder oils, but with the 100% olive oil recipe I had no problems with acceleration or riceing. Very Nice!

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love it

Even though I don't think this smells like a tomato I love it. A little herbal, a little citrus, very fresh smelling. Everyone who has smelled it loves it and so far seems to be one of the longer lasting scents I have tried. (used it in cold process without any problem)

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Does not smell like tomato leaf

I love the smell of tomato leaves. I really wanted to like this, but it just smells fake. There are some citrus undertones, so it makes a good bug repellant. I use it in a small spray bottle with some other oils to repel mosquitos and other pests.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Charlemagne! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the fresh herb-like smell of our Tomato Leaf Fragrance Oil! If you're looking for other garden inspired scents you may like Fresh Zucchini Flower Fragrance Oil or Sunny Herb Garden Fragrance Oil.

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Smells better then the real thing. I love how unique this scent is and very fun to use it in my summer soap line. It has a wonderful herbal scent that lasts in my hot process soap.