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Sweet tarts

I was disapointed that this smelled more like sweet tarts. No mango,pineapple or coconut.

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Scent didn't hold up in cold process soap.

I absolutely love this scent out of the bottle but after curing for 6 weeks there is absolutely no scent sticking in my cured bars. I'm going to try this scent again with a higher concentration because it is such a nice scent out of the bottle. I hope that it works at a higher scent ratio. If this scent was stronger and lasted in cold process soap then it would be a winner.

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Joeana M.
Love this scent !

When my son & I first smelled this he wanted run to into the kitchen & make bath bombs immediately. This is so good, when I purchase it again I'm getting a bigger bottle. ❤️

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yummy :)

I gave it 5 stars because it smells nice even though it riced my soap, with a little blending it did fine. I added it at a very thin trace and it all worked out wonderfully. (I used a high coconut oil cp batter) it smells fruity in the bottle, but when I cut my cp soap I noticed it smelt a little more floral, than it had in the bottle. still a beautiful scent :)

Maybe not for those with sensitive noses?

While I do love the smell mixed with the coconut cream fragrance, this scent in particular gives me headaches for some reason, so if you have a more sensitive smeller maybe try a lighter fragrance.