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Was surprised when I read the reviews...

I see many people had problems soaping with this but I didn't have any trouble with it!! I should say that I hand whisk in all my fragrance though for just that reason. I found out that stick blending can set off any questionably behaving fragrances. I was able to do a three color in the pot swirl and it turned out beautiful...not really any discoloration either!! I would say this fragrance got an undeserved rap for CP except that it does seemed to have become VERY light in my curing soap and I used a good amount (1oz.ppo) BUT I am willing to wait for full cure to have the final opinion on the strength of smell. Anyhoo I would say overall it has been pleasant to smell and work with!!

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Tropical Vacation Fragrance Oil

This fragrance changed in CP. Smells so bad I have to throw the soap away. I am so dissapointed as I liked the scent in the bottle.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Betty! I'm sorry you were disappointed with this scent in your soap. We love the fruity smell of our Tropical Vacation Fragrance Oil! Though, in our testing, we did find it lost its lighter top notes in cold process soap. If you're looking for other tropical scents you may like Pineapple Papaya Fragrance Oil, Island Escape Fragrance Oil, or Tropical Punch Fragrance Oil.

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Sweet tarts

I was disapointed that this smelled more like sweet tarts. No mango,pineapple or coconut.

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Scent didn't hold up in cold process soap.

I absolutely love this scent out of the bottle but after curing for 6 weeks there is absolutely no scent sticking in my cured bars. I'm going to try this scent again with a higher concentration because it is such a nice scent out of the bottle. I hope that it works at a higher scent ratio. If this scent was stronger and lasted in cold process soap then it would be a winner.

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Joeana M.
Love this scent !

When my son & I first smelled this he wanted run to into the kitchen & make bath bombs immediately. This is so good, when I purchase it again I'm getting a bigger bottle. ❤️