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5 Stars for Sure!

I LOVE this fragrance and so do many others. I first tried it with cocoa butter mixed in my recipe and with coffee grounds for exfoliation. Ouch! Loved the smell, but the coffee grounds was a little hard on the skin in the shower. I then made more without the coffee and it was great! Great chocolate yummy smell. This will be a permanent fragrance on my list. Please don't change it!

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This was WAY too sweet for me. I am experimenting with coffee smells, trying to get that perfect dark, dry, comforting, it's-five-am-and-I-need-roasted-coffee smell and this is not it. Which is entirely my fault because I should have read the description more closely. It reminds me very strongly of a Starbucks Hazelnut latte - there is definitely nuttiness with a milky undertone, so I think it's very well described, but it's just not the scent for me. A little too syrupy, and my husband actually went and hid his nose in our bedroom while I was putting the soap together. It does, however, look stunning with a gold mica vein (had to try it).

Turkish Mocha is Amazing!

If your looking for that perfect coffee with mocha/chocolate scent go no further this is it! I only hope this scent never gets discontinued! It is so hard to find scents that are so true to the name. Folks at Brambleberry you have outdid yourself on this one It is everyone's favorite and is simply delicious! Thank you Mary

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All I can say is OMG

This FO is once again to the top of my list. The only thing wrong is (I need more). I'm back to get more today. it's very rich and smells great in MP soap. Love you BB.

Everyone loves this

I just used this one in cp soap, and mixed three parts of this to one part of cardamom essential oil. Smells just like my favorite espresso with cardamom. My whole family was crowded in the kitchen when I was pouring, and the scent is still strong as bars are curing. I still smell coffee notes, maybe the extra cardamom helps? This is fabulous by itself too.