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Warm Spice Heaven

This fragrance smells so good! It's warm and spicy in a creamy way. Honestly, I just want to roll in it. Think of it as Chai Coffee! Yum!!!!!

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After reading all of the rave reviews of this fragrance I had to get some. I am a CP soapmaker mostly. As a personal rule, I don't want to smell like food items and so made candles. Wow, they smell absolutely amazing! I may break my rule and try soap. **Update** This is terrific in CP soap. So glad I made a whole batch. As this cures, the mocha gives hints of a cocoa butter smell. The coffee part is very light. This will smell delicious on skin. If you need more coffee, add Espresso fragrance oil. Yum love this!

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LOVE this!! So versatile!!

First off I just LOVE this scent, but I have to say that I have found it provides just the perfect finishing to many bath and body products. I use it for a coffee body butter that I had made and I just felt it needed an extra something (after using coffee butter, cocoa butter etc.) I added a few mL of Turkish Mocha and WOW!! People are visibly moved by this scent when they test my products!! I also make a scrub that I get rave reviews about. It behaved well in some CP I used once but I had unfortunatley not looked at the flashpoint and I baked it in the oven for an hour :( but it still came out smelling pretty good anyhow. I'd say overall this is a scent that will get you some loyal customers!!

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Great stuff

To be honest, it is not my favorite in terms of scent. In fact I don't think it suits my taste at all. BUT I do recognize that probably many people would love it. This is such a subjective thing, who's to tell what smells good? As far as the technicalities go though, it certainly is a winner! It behaves heavenly in CP, you get endless time to work with it and boy does it stay strong. Of course with such high vanillin content you should plan accordingly, it's mocha after all. I hasn't cure yet, but so far seems like it will stay strong (I must say did use the strong suggested grams).

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5 Stars for Sure!

I LOVE this fragrance and so do many others. I first tried it with cocoa butter mixed in my recipe and with coffee grounds for exfoliation. Ouch! Loved the smell, but the coffee grounds was a little hard on the skin in the shower. I then made more without the coffee and it was great! Great chocolate yummy smell. This will be a permanent fragrance on my list. Please don't change it!