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Smells amazing!

I used Turkish Mocha with Peppermint, 2nd Distill in cold process soap, and it smells absolutely amazing. Just like a peppermint mocha. If I could eat it, I would!

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Out of bottle, this is a dark, rich fragrance, and I was relieved to discover how distinct it was from the Espresso fragrance oil I ordered the month before. I was like "Turkish Mocha, you say? …yeah, I can see how that would make sense." I wasn’t sure I liked it, but it was okay. This smelled rather sweetly unpleasant when it first went into the soap, but within a week the fragrance had mellowed and richened back to being a pleasant, decidedly chocolatey scent. I may have to put warning labels on it: "soap not food!" Because of its inclination to dark brown discoloration, I didn't use any colorants, and I'm so glad I didn't. The natural discoloration is so rich and apropos to a mocha-themed soap! I did worry when the batter started out yellow with increasingly pinkish streaks, which went to a strange honeyish tone overnight. However, by the third or fourth day out of the molds it had begun darkening to a more uniform chocolate color. As a result, the soap lathers brown. It doesn’t bother me, but I was, for some reason, a little surprise when I discovered the fact. (Today, with my second bottle of this fragrance, I gave it a try using coffee instead of just distilled water for my lye-water. I have high hopes!)

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Smells good only when making

I like the smell right off from the bottle, and when I was working with it making cp soap. Maybe when curing it was still good. But when it's done curing after 5 weeks, it didn't maintain its smell and turned into somewhat unidentifiable scent and weak. Also lathers quite brown though I used the light to medium amount suggested by the FO calculater from BB app.

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Waiting to exhale

Anytime I can buy a nice fragrance oil that is not only good in soap but candle making--I am happy! I made candle tarts using this fragrance oil--My daughter came down stair and asked did I go to Starbucks. I will buy a bigger bottle

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Decadent, Dark Fragrance

Out-of-Bottle, this is probably my favorite FO. It is so decadent with its coffee and chocolate notes. It is such an awesome scent. I cannot wait to use it in soap.