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LOVE it, and no smell!

So i read reviews that it smelled like a sulfur deposit. the first thing i did when i got it was open it up and smell it, nothing. when i added it to my soap also no smell but i really put in tons of fragrance oil. It gave the soap such a pretty denim blue color I LOVE it i used maybe a 1/4 tsp for a pound of soap to swirl it with the natural ivory white of the rest of the soap batter its so pretty!

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Blue love

I love this blue. I used it in my cold process soap and it looks so smooth. The sulphur smell is not cute when making the soap but long as you use the right amount of fragrance it doesn't hurt the end result one bit!

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Rotten Egg Smell in CP Soap

It seems a lot of people get the rotten egg smell in bath bombs, but I seem to consistently be getting it in CP soap. No more for me. Ruined two 3lb batches already before my wife helped me discover it was the blue oxide pigment.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Steven! I'm sorry you were disappointed in your results with this color. We love the bright lapis blue of this pigment, though it does have a sulphuric smell to it because it is a natural ultramarine. We found this smell can be masked by a strong fragrance/essential oil, and it does tend to dissipate after a full 4-6 week cure time. If you recently made the soap I would recommend letting it finish out its full cure before testing it again. You can also trying rebatching the soap to add more scent in. Check out our How to Make Rebatch Soap episode on Soap Queen TV.

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Smells disgusting!

Please put it in the item description that this will smell horrible if used in bath bombs. Ok, I was an idiot and should have went to the reviews before ordering this but I did read the description and it didn't mention anything about it smelling like butt if used in bath bombs. It's a pretty color but definitely NOT FOR USE IN BATH BOMBS.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Colleen! I'm sorry you had that experience. We love the brilliant blue color of our Ultramarine Blue Pigment, though it is not meant for use in bath bombs. We do not normally recommend using pigments in bath bombs at all, as they tend to create a streaky look in the bath bomb and on your tub. For bath bomb colorants, we recommend using our La Bombs, which are specifically designed for bath bombs. If you want a powder blue for your bombs, I would recommend something like the Cellini Blue Mica, which is similar in color but doesn't have a smell or streaky finish. Just keep in mind when using the mica powders in bath bombs they tend to float on the surface of the water/stick to the ring around your tub.

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Do not like it

I used this product in my cp soap and bath bombs and the smell was horrible!! A waste of my product! I will not use this product anymore.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Adriene! I'm sorry this color did not behave as you were expecting. We love the bright blue shade the color creates, though it does have a sulphuric smell because it is a natural ultramarine. We found this smell is easily covered by fragrance in soap, though it does come through more clearly in a product like bath bombs. We also do not normally recommend using our pigments in bath bombs because they tend to streak and transfer in the tub. For great selection of bath bomb colorants, check out our La Bombs, which are specifically designed for fizzies!