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Do not use in bath bombs

I used this in a bath bomb and the second I mixed in water/witch hazel it made everything in the mixture REEK of rotten eggs. Maybe these pigments shouldn't be used in bath bombs? I couldn't imagine using it in soap

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The ultramarine colorants do tend to have sulfurous sent to them since they are natural. While that doesn't make them great for something like a bath bomb, they do wonderfully in soap. For a similar purply pink color in bath bombs you may prefer our Gurlie Pink La Bomb.

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Beautiful color but still leaves specks

I am having trouble with all the aquamarine colors leaving specks in my CP soap. I cannot get them blended enough to get rid of them.

The most beautiful color

I used this in a batch of CP soap. I was quite hesitant when it was added to the batter and it turned grey! Ugh. That's not what I wanted! My soap gelled and when I unmolded the next day, it was the perfect shade to use in the Eden's Garden scent. It's delicate, just like the scent! Thank you for a great color!

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SomeTyme Place

A beautiful and gentle lavender shade! Paired gorgeously with the lilac fragrance oil! A more sophisticated color for the soaping arsenal.