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Interesting Color

Unlike other reviews, I had absolutely no issue with getting the ultramarine to mix into distilled water. I've found ultramarines mix best with water instead of oils anyway. My only issue was that it morphed into a strange peachy color when the soap went through gel phase.

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Its not pink

I bought this color and I have used it 2 times. I have not had a problem about getting it mixed like other reviews state, but neither time did I get a pink color. The first batch I used this in accelerated and heated up really bad from the FO. When I cut my soap it was purple. I just used it again last week. I made a batch with many different colors. I used my purple oxide and this pink oxide. I only used enough to get me a light pink. It looked great going into the mold but when I cut it, it was purple. In fact it was the same color as my purple oxide, I can tell no difference at all. The top that stayed cool stayed pink but inside the soap that gelled turned purple.

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Trick for mixing color

I read the negative reviews on this and tried a new method of dispersing the color and it worked perfectly....I warm up my oil, then add the color and mix with a mini-mixer. No clumps at all! I did find this color to be more of a purplish pink than pastel as the discription says, but I may need to use a lot less colorant.

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Too hard to disperse

This made a very light color in CP soap. I had a hard time dispersing it even with the use of the mini-mixer from Brambleberry. Too many speckles.

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Does not mix

I had ordered 5 different colors and all were fine except this one, it does not mix well with oils. I think it was stored in humid place :( Bramble berry please check on this product