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Purple monstar

I used this purple in my cold process soap. It did leave a couple specks :-/ It initially looked grey but I had to add more pigment until the purple came about and stayed. It would be great if I could have used the suggested amount but I had to used quite a bit more to get the color and make it stay. The end result was beautiful.

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I love it

I was reluctant to purchase it at first because some of the reviews, but it performed very well. I did NOT disperse it because I wanted a very thick trace so I put the dry powder into the batter and stick blended to a very thick trace. It is a very rich almost purple color with no specks in it.

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Not impressed with the ultramarines

Again, this leaves specks in my CP soap, even when blending first with sunflower oil.

Has the Potential to Go Gray

This is a gorgeous color but it can go gray in cold process soap. My soap initially turned out a beautiful shade of lavender but went gray 6-8 weeks later. I'm not giving up on it just yet though. I want to try it again with the suggested addition of Ultramarine Blue next time.


I tried this color for the first time today, normally I mix my own lavender using pink and blue but thought I'd save some time by buying this. I'm so disappointed - my lavender soap smells great but has an awful grey color! I'm really hoping something magical happens tonight while it sits in the mold. :(

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jennifer! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this color. We found the Ultramarine Violet Oxide Pigments makes a beautiful light purple in cold process soap as seen in the CP sample above and in Classic CP Swirl Soap on Soap Queen TV. If you're getting a gray color it sounds like you just need to add more of the colorant! I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!