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I used this color for my first ever batch of soap. I used soybean oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. But I ran out of coconut oil and substituted shea butter and avocado butter. Made sure I didn't exceed the recommended percentages and ran it through the lye calculator and adjusted water and lye. I added this pigment to the cooled melted oils and sodium lactate to my cooled lye water then blended lye water and oils. I used bulgarian lavender scent and some crushed lavendar buds at light trace. It came out great! If there were specks, it didn't matter because of the lavendar buds. You guys are great and I love your site and the Soap Queen site! I have learned so much!!

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I was a beginner and used this as my first ever soap making. The colorant gave a very nice lavender and I noticed no specks whatsoever. I have used it again several times and it is reliable with no specks for me.

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Don't buy

This product sucks. Even after mixing it with a carrier oil, it still left specks in the soap and didn't disperse well. Buy a different color!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
While we love the color the Ultramarine Violet Oxide Pigment does tend to speckle as seen in the picture. To help those spots be less noticeable we've found micronizing the colorant first into as fine a powder as possible definitely helps. A cheap coffee grinder works well for this. If you're looking for another purple you may prefer Queen's Purple Mica.

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Ashwinder Kaur
Color Amount

Is it saying that 2 teaspoon is equivalent to 0.15 oz? Am a bit confused about this because when I convert 2 teaspoon into ounces, it comes up to 0.33 oz. So how much is put in the sample in picture? 0.15 ounce? Or 0.33 ounce?

Turned out great in my CPOP Soap

I had considered adding some Lapis Blue to this color but decided just to try the violet on its own. Glad I did. It turned out a great color in my CPOP soap. I dispersed it first & did not get any speckling. There are a few places in the Soap where t is really dark colored, but I would not call it gray. I used it for the top of my soap as well & it turned out just the right purple color. Will continue to use.