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I don't like Vanilla, but I LOVE this one

This is a very true, rich vanilla aroma. So many vanillas smell so fake and nauseating, I was more than pleasantly surprised by this fragrance. It really blooms in CP, so don't judge it OOB.

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People love this one...

I like this well enough but am not a huge vanilla fan myself. However, my customers love this one!

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Everybody loves it.

I make hot process soap. I made an African black soap with this fragrance and people buy it without hesitation. It's a sweet clean scent that is a joy to shower with. it masks some of my heavy smelling oils I use such as hempseed. I am purchasing another bottle right now so please do not ever stop making this one. It is perfect for hot process.

Vanilla sampler?

This isn't a review I just wanted to comment.....You have such a variety of vanillas it is hard to decide which ones to guys should create a convenient vanilla sampler with all the varieties of vanilla you offer so your customers can try them all and find their fav!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kela! That's a great idea that we've never thought of! I will definitely bring up a vanilla fragrance sampler to our development team. In the meantime try check out our Sniffy Samples option; it's a great way to try before you buy!

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Hands down, one of the best vanilla's I've ever smelled. I am not a vanilla fan, but I made a cp soap that contained natural cocoa butter, and the smell of the resulting soap was so incredible that it was hard not to take a bite out of it! My house smelled absolutely delicious that day....I love that its not a super-sweet vanilla (ack), but a more mature, deeper vanilla. It's a joy to soap with, too. One of my absolute favorites.