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Vanilla Forest

Could be just me but I am disappointed in this FO. I love BB products but this is not one of them. Very faint scent, not a favorite.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Cyndi! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this fragrance. We love our Vanilla Forest Fragrance Oil and its delightful blend of musky vanilla, blossoms and earthy base notes. If you're looking for other vanilla blends you may like Vanilla Rosewood Fragrance Oil, Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance Oil, or Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil.

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Definitely Smells Like a Vanilla Forest

I really like this scent, but I do feel the way others feel about it: it's not a "true" vanilla, but it's not a saccharinely sweet vanilla either. It definitely smells like a "sexy vanilla" the way others have described it, but not something I'm comfortable with using when desiring a touch of vanilla in a soap to complement a sweet or floral scent. I do really enjoy the scent though, it's great in CP & MP, but would also make a wonderful perfume. Pair it with amber & you've got yourself some sensual seduction soap. Wouldn't recommend it with milk & honey fragrance, but it still smells lovely, just not what I'm going for. I'll be buying some other vanilla fragrance from BB though. The name is on point: it definitely smells like a vanilla forest, a combination of earthy forest & sweet, but not too sweet vanilla.

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Totally Amazing Scent!

I used the Vanilla Forrest in one of my layers, tilted the mold up on side. Then added a layer with the Oatmeal Stout. I ended up with 2 diagonal sections one of each scent. The vanilla was the creamy tan color and the Oatmeal Stout was the darker beige. It looked like the Black & Tan beer soaps. It was not only beautiful but the scent combo was amazing! This is a great gift for the men and with Father's day coming, I'll be making more! I was so happy with this combination I hope others give it a try! : >

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Instant Hit

I used this FO for my Christmas soaps and they were very popular. So I thought maybe because it's more of a christmas-y scent ( warm and rich). But to my surprise, it was still a big hit last weekend at our community spring fair! It was my best seller. Reordering this FO =D =D

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LOVE this scent!

I try to use all essential oils to scent my Goat milk soap, but this one stole my heart! I bought it as I was trying out vanillas to find one to match with lavender. This one was NOT it! However, it was amazing and I quickly made a soap with it alone. I don't even really like vanilla scents, but this is vanilla gone sexy. It is deep and amazing!