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Great Vanilla Fragrance

Have tried several of the Vanillas and always come back to this as my favorite. A lovely Vanilla scent without the overly sweet fragrance of others. It does turn CP soap brown, but don't care. I make oatmeal and raw honey soap with it and a bit of Pure Honey FO and it is the perfect color once cured. Have been buying this one for years. Hope it never goes away.

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Super fragrance but does accelerate

This is an awesome fragrance but in the six 30lb pours I've done I do experience some not so fun acceleration. I always hold my breathe when getting ready to pour this.

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Soothing smell

This is a great vanilla smell. I personally LOVE vanilla. I found this scent sells really well to those who only 'like' vanilla. It has a more complex smell and sold like crazy at the Christmas shows!

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Smells really intense in the bottle. I'm not a fan of how woodsy it is in the bottle, but some people like that. When you add it to soap, after a week or two of curing, the woodsy scent fades a good amount and smells really great!! Not overpowering at all once the CP soap cures. :) Love it.

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Was wary about buying it, but it turned out really good.

After reading all of the reviews (despite fearing the anise scent), I went ahead and ordered a bit to give it a try. I found that the anise/fennel scent was almost over powering in the bottle, but very muted in my soaps. As such, I am very glad that I decided to give it a shot. It is a hit with my male customers and a few of my women too. Over all though, I was hoping for something a little more oak-ish scent wise, but this is still a really good blend.